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An Angel in disguise

The story is about Elvina who travels for official purpose.She proves with her life experience that, no body is good or bad in this world. It is only the lack of opportunity that makes a person take wrong decisions in life.
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Chapter 1 of 3 - Elvina's Travel Experience

It was in the month of December that Elvina had to travel to Erode for her Audit work. She boarded the train to come to Salem town after completing her official work. She heard an announcement about the delay in the train timing due to some engine repair at the Railway station. She wanted to have a cup of Tea from the Railway Tea Stall. But she was alone and hence, she hesitated to get out of the Train with the luggage. She kept her luggage safely inside the Train and was wondering about having a Tea with someone's help. Suddenly, she heard someone cry very loudly in the platform. She peeped out of the window. She took her handbag and alighted from the train to see what happened. There was a crowd of about 15 people on the platform near the Tea Stall. She saw that a 15 year old boy was caught hold by few men and was thrashed for begging money and trying to pester the customers to give him food and a cup of Tea. The Tea Stall Owner said,” I will contact the Police now itself. Let them take the necessary action against him.” Other men in chorus said, “Yes, definitely, Beggar.” Elvina went towards the Tea Stall and said very angrily,” Move, move I say. No one is a Beggar or Criminal when they are born.” She went towards that boy by pushing other men. And then calmly she asked him,” You want to have food?” He said,” Yes, past two days I didn't have anything. I have stopped my studies now.” Elvina told the Tea Stall Owner, “There is no need to call the Police; I will pay money for his Tea and Sandwich.” She collects the food parcel after paying money to the Owner and hands it over to the boy. She asks him, “Hello, what is your name?” He was still weeping and he replies after a while. “I am Ramesh”. She then walks with him towards the front end of the platform. Elvina feels little better and controls her tears. She asks him,” What you will do now?” for which Ramesh answers,” I do not know, no one is giving me a job because I am too young to work they say.” She then looks at him and says, “Throughout your life, you cannot live with such favours. You have to earn money for your own living. I can show you a way towards it, if you are ready to work”. Ramesh becomes more inquisitive and walks little closely with Elvina and says,” I can do any work with utmost honesty and dedication. I am not a thief. Trust me.”


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