Genre: horror    Tags: #cat #night #city

A street cat's story

Neko is a cat, living in the dangerous world. She has to avoid humans trying to capture her. The reason that she is being hunted, is that she is dangerous. Neko has a power, that she does not know of. If she gets caught, she doesn't know what the humans will do to her.

Created by: %u10E6 Natsuki Chan %u10E6

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Chapter 2 of 2 - The day Neko was born

The rain dripped down the windows as Neko was born. Her beautiful blue eyes charmed her owners. Until, one day. "Kate.." The husband said to his wife. Neko could hear something wrong. "Yes, dear? What is it?" The wife said. Again, Neko felt something was going to happen... Something bad, very bad. The owners walked outside. Neko's mum, Cheri, had also sensed something wrong. Suddenly, Neko hear gunshots, outside. Followed by the gunshots, was a scream. The owners screamed. Cheri's ears poked up. Neko was not old enough to understand. (Neko will be addressed as She) She can't remember anything after. All she remembered was Cheri running outside. To be followed by a crash. She didn't even know the consequence that would happen, poor Neko. Now, this is the start of Neko's story. Her story starts on a lonely street not knowing if she will survive. And this day, that just happened when she was born, she will never ever forget this day, today.

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