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A Mermaids Tail

Aqua and her family move to the Pearl Mermaid Clan to be safe from humans! But Aqua has a secret only her parents know....what will the mermaids think if they find out. And when Aqua and Isla get captured, well...read to find out!

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 1 of 2 - A New home

"Aqua!! Hurry up!" called Mrs. Scales. "Coming!" Aqua called back. She snatched up her bag and putt on her ring and looked at it lovingly. She swam down the stairs quickly. Aqua was 13 and she had never met another Mermaid or Merman ever! Well other then her family of course! She had a green tail and a yellow and turquoise top. "good Morning!!!!!!!!" she said cheerfully. "Morning love!" said her father smiling. "Go wake up your sister, please!" said her mother, packing shell dishes and Coral Utensils. "Cora! Wake up!!" she said happily. Shaking her little sister gently. "What??" said Cora sleepily. "We are leaving to day remember!!???" Cora jumped out of bed and swam to her dresser. She picked up her bag and held it up to Aqua. "Mama packed it for me!" Cora said. Cora was 3 and had a green tail with a pink top. Her and Aqua were usually good sisters but at times they couldn't stand each other. But other then that they loved each other. They swam down the stairs. "Are you two ready?" asked their mom. Cora lifted her bag proudly. Their dad chuckled. "then come on my, little mer-ry." He said. He usally called them that. The two walked out side with their parents. Their father whistled a low whistle and two big Seahorses came. One was named Nerida, and the other was Wave. Wave was a deep blue sea horse with loving eyes Nerida was a bright orange and Pink one with beautiful eyes. They loaded all their stuff and swam on top. "SWIM!" shouted Mr. Scales. And they were off! Aqua wondered if the people there would like her! Would they like her if she told them her secret??


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