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A Mermaids Tail

Aqua and her family move to the Pearl Mermaid Clan to be safe from humans! But Aqua has a secret only her parents know....what will the mermaids think if they find out. And when Aqua and Isla get captured, well...read to find out!

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 2 of 2 - New Merpeople

They arrived at the Kingdom in what seemed like forever. Aqua was really tired and the ocean water started getting dark with no sunlight, above the surface. "Here we are!" said Aqua's mom excitedly. She was obviously exhausted too, you could tell by her face. Aqua smiled when she saw the beautiful house. It was amazing but, looked very similar to their old house but, had no stairs!!( as she discovered) Aqua was always confused about why they had stairs, anyway! Because they were Merpeople of course! There was a whole row of houses on either side of the water-hood.(Mermaid neighbor-hood) Aqua hurried to un-pack the seahorses. She saw a few little mer-kids watch them and some mer-kids her age. They watched the family in awe and curiosity. She would smile at the little mer-kids and then offered a small smile to older ones as she glanced at them. She took in a bag and then went out for another only to find they were done. She sighed happily and content. "Hi!" she heard some, mer-person say. She turned to see a mermaid her age swimming towards her. "Hi..." she answered. Aqua froze and couldn't move. Suddenly she was nervous. She took a deep breath. "You okay?" asked the girl obviously realizing her stress. "Ya..." Aqua said, for some reason she didn't want to lie to this mermaid. She seemed kind and a possible friend. "Well, really I haven't met any other Mer-people before...other then my family." Aqua said surprised she actually said it. "Oh! well here I will show you around!" she said cheerfully. "Oh, and my name is Waverly! What is yours?" Waverly asked. "Aqua, that's my name." she responded. Aqua glanced back at her parents who smiled there approval as the two mermaids swam off. "Finn!" Waverly called to a young merman across the path. He waved and swam over. "Finn, this is Aqua! She just moved here!" Waverly said happily. He smiled and nodded, Aqua did back. "I was gonna..." and then she stopped and looked over at a water, carriage pulled by two dolphins. Inside it was a young Mermaid she was beautiful, and had a wonderful crown but, looked snobby. "That's the princess, Isle she is a jelly-fish!" whispered Finn to Aqua. (Jelly fish was like a jerk.) Aqua watched the carriage go by and thought of her new friends and aquatints. Maybe they would like her...

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