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20 Days of Quarantine

Coronavirus has struck the Florida town of Keystreet. As more people become infected, Asia Winters is determined to survive the twenty days of quarantine with her four brothers Levi, Toby, Husky and Ashe. Will she survive? Her family? Will they escape with their sanity?

Created by: StarryGirl

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Chapter 4 of 5 - Entries 9-11

Entry 9: Today is Husky's birthday! Happy B-Day, bro! This morning, Levi and Ashe woke me up early. They said Leo was coming over for the day, so they wanted me to prepare breakfast. Levi said that Leo was tested negative for the virus, so he'd be able to come over today. When Husky came downstairs, we all (except Toby, unfortunately) yelled, "SURPRISE!!! and brought him over to the table. We pigged out on hashbrowns, bacon and waffles until Leo said it was time for us to present Husky with his gifts. Levi gave Husky a special book, "I've Got You, Brother". He admitted that he written that book just for the family, and wanted Husky to be the first to receive it, since he had finished writing it only a month ago. Levi also brought up Toby's gift, which was a bag of milk chocolate and caramel candies. Then, I gave Husky my bow, and he immediately put it in his hair and thanked me. Ashe then presented Husky with a new video game that had recently came out. He said that he'd be willing to play with him the next day. However, Leo's gift was truly the silver lining; it wasn't as flashy or bold as any of the other gifts... but it was worth more. Leo's gift was a handwritten poem on a scroll and a small box of chocolates. The poem read, "Your love and temper is red, your beauty and kindness is blue, Don't need haters taunting me for being gay, because all I need is you. Happy Birthday, my cutie! -Leo" Even the way Leo presented it was heartfelt and sweet. As soon as Husky looked up at him after reading, Leo kissed him on the lips. My brother's first kiss!!!!!! I'm getting hyper again just thinking about it! After a few seconds of me fangirling and Leo and Husky kissing, Ashe smirked and was all like "Alright lovebirds, get a room." I was all, ESCUSE MEH, THAT'S MY SHIP YOU'RE TRYING TO RUIN!!!!!!Let's just say that my sandals are now my favorite weapon, hehehe. That's about it, for today. Entry 10: Today was pretty low-key. Levi finally admitted to slapping me (yes, the scar is still there) to my parents, who checked in to wish Husky a happy birthday. Even Xoey came by with a present. Each time one of my brothers' birthdays roll around, Layla, Hayden and Xoey all work together and make a present for them. This time was a small photo album, filled with every picture (and some funny captions) that my friends have taken with my brothers. It was so sweet, and Husky really loves it. I also visited Toby downstairs today. He still has Coronavirus, but he's feeling a lot better. To help with his sore throat, I actually made him a jelly cup with some aloe from my aloe plant. Toby really liked it too, so that's nice. Everything else has been really good. Levi's been encouraging all of us to work out when we can; even Ashe, who's in really good shape. I really like the dancing game that Levi got us, so I've been using that every day. That's about it, I'm gonna get to sleep. Entry 11: UGGGGGGHHHHHH. I think this whole family is getting antsy from staying inside all day. Levi's been trying to keep us all active, but now it's becoming annoying. Poor Husky just stays in his room for most of the day, and he's a bit more irritable now. Ashe... we never really get peace and quiet in this house, now. He actually set up a fighting dummy in his room that he keeps sparring against to try and keep his anger under control. "And what about you, Asia?" Well, this whole quarantine has been affecting my looks AND behavior. Today when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my skin was pale, my eyes were sunken in, and my hair was really matted. Also, I look like I'm gaining weight. Levi said that we aren't getting much sunlight or Vitamin D or excersise, so today we went on a little walk around town. It was crazy seeing how boarded up and exiled we were just walking along the closed stores... and since yesterday the governor said that we can leave the house to go on short walks, we spent like, and a half hours playing soccer in the empty parking lots... until I fell down and twisted my ankle. A doctor should be coming in tomorrow to check on it, so that's good news. Oh- Husky just walked in. He said that the rest of the boys re going to bed, and I should probably do so as well. Good night!


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