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20 Days of Quarantine

Coronavirus has struck the Florida town of Keystreet. As more people become infected, Asia Winters is determined to survive the twenty days of quarantine with her four brothers Levi, Toby, Husky and Ashe. Will she survive? Her family? Will they escape with their sanity?

Created by: StarryGirl

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Chapter 3 of 5 - Entries 6-8

Entry 6: Recently, I've been working on a birthday present for Husky, since it's right around the corner. Knowing him, he's a bit feminine, so he likes to wear a little bow in his hair, long girly socks, and huge, and I mean HUGE oversize sweaters. I decided to make him a powder-blue satin bow with two blue ribbons down the side. I think he'll really like it. Everyone else (except Toby) is doing alright. Toby seems to be feeling worse... he's coughing and having trouble catching his breath a lot... Levi ordered a Coronavirus kit for him so we can test him. I'm desperately hoping he'll be alright. Levi seems to be getting into other hobbies now... he's beginning to try and draw anime pictures. I bet he'll be awesome at it. Ashe... is more or less the same. However, I do have a suspicion that he might be sneaking out at night, due to the weird noises from his room while I'm writing. I would write more, but its past 10 pm tonight and I'm sooooooo tired. Later!!! Entry 7: My tears of terror are staining my journal pages right now. When Levi tested Toby, it turns out that he does have Coronavirus. What shocked all of us is how he got it. Remember my suspicions that Ashe was sneaking out? They were confirmed today. Levi and Husky have turned the basement bedroom into a quarantine area, when I noticed something odd: one of the windows downstairs was open, and a small tube of lipstick was sitting next to it. We were so confused, since I never wear makeup. Finally, Ashe admitted that he had been sneaking out at night to see his girlfriend Sierra. He had likely gotten the virus, and passed it on to Toby, who was being more severely affected by it. As soon as he confessed, Levi seemed to completely LOSE IT. He began screaming at Ashe (who looked shockingly scared and ashamed) and yelling at him, saying that he had brought this virus upon us and he was now responsible for Toby's condition. Then, Levi tried to punch Ashe. Now if there's one thing I'll never tolerate in a family, it's physical violence. I don't know what made me do it... but right before the punch landed, I stepped in the way of Ashe and took the blow. All I really remember from that moment (even though it was today) was Husky screaming from the corner, and Levi yelling, "OMG, ASIA!!!" I sat up with tears streaming down my face. Levi's punch hit me in my right eye, which now has a huge gash under it. I ran upstairs with Levi in shock at what he did, Ashe calling for me, and Husky shaking on the ground. I haven't been out of my room since then... My eye is doing better, but I'm wearing an eyepatch for it. I also realized that the punch busted up my nose and lip, so my face is just stuffed with gauze. Toby recently came in while I was writing; he said that Lei feels horrible about losing control and trying to punch Ashe, who is cooped up in his room. The good news is that they've apologized to each other for it, and Toby forgives Ashe for his condition, so that's nice. I'm gonna get to sleep now, so goodnight! Entry 8: This morning, the first thing I realized was Husky sitting at my feet with a tray of hashbrowns and bacon on it. He said that Levi wanted him to take it up to me, since I was still really rattled about what happened yesterday. While I was eating, we had a really nice conversation. Husky told me that Toby was in the basement with a personal medic taking care of him. Ashe still felt horribly guilty because he was basically why I got punched in the first place. And Levi... he feels like the worst brother ever. I don't want them to feel bad, really. I mean, I was the one who stepped in front of them so Ashe wouldn't get hurt. After talking and eating, I took off my eyepatch while Husky examined my aloe plant. The gash below my eye was huge, and I knew that the scar would be there forever. What I was most concerned about was how Mom and Dad will react, not to mention Husky's birthday is literally tomorrow (no, he didn't see the bow)!!! However, he told me not to worry about it for the time being, and we just spent the rest of the time sort of... cuddling... in my bed. No, it wasn't anything nasty or inappropriate!!! We just took a little nap together, like a sibling-bonding thing. Even though Husky is three years older than me, I've always thought of him as a little brother to me. He's pretty small for his age, and I'm surprisingly tall for other girls my age. Plus, when we were young, I'd usually be the one defending him from bullies. I LOVE these sort of moments wit Husky, because it made us so much closer than we already were. Finally, around 4 pm, Levi came in to ask us what we wanted for dinner. Of course, Husky and I chose our fave takeout: Myla's Burgers And Shakes. Levi ordered the food, and then he and Ashe apologized over and over again, despite my efforts to make them stop. Nothing more to my day there, we made up and had a good rest of the day.


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