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Use the idea of glamour plus your favorite color of fruit to create your Instagram profile name. Just take a fruit and something that shines and then put them together. These name examples are not yet taken: @lemontinsel, @quincequtie, @strawberryspangles.

A cup of . .

Your account seems to possibly be a miscellaneous record of your daily life. So, take your major personality trait, add 'cup' in front of it, and go. For instance, @cupofquirky if you're funloving and weird or @cupofcrabby if your morning personality is grumpy. Neither of those is taken, btw.

For the foodie

You seem to have a thing for food in some capacity or another. Either the eating of it or the creation. Maybe both? Here's a fun way to create a profile name from your passion: put together eating implements with a relationship word or an action. Like @dishspoonkiss, @forkandknifeaffair, or fingersintheicecream. None of those are taken.


You must like to travel. Maybe you have dreams of being a digital nomad. Spark your inspiration with your love of travel by thinking up travel-related concepts and phrases. Like, you could take King of the Road and turn it into @jesteroftheroad, or use the bird that didn't come back home to Noah's Ark and use @olivebranchraven. Or, you could go simple with something like @onthebreeze. All of those names are free!


If you're into art or are an artist, your Instagram account is at some point going to show off your artwork if not be an outright portfolio. So why not take your favorite artist grade color and add a word to it to make names like @sapgreenforest, @paynesgreypaper, @lampblackpencil, @ultramarineshore? If you're a potter, try @spinandfire, or a person interested mostly in drawing could be @graphiteraser. None of those names are currently in use.


If you don't know 'hygge', you soon will. It's a Danish word for feelings of coziness. Sort of. It's more than that, but hard to define. But, if you're into cozy, luxury, softness, fireplaces, pastries with coffee, or anything related, use that for inspiration for your Instagram name. These names aren't being used right now: @throwmethatblanket, @cozybooktime, @sparksizzleburn.

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