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0 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

Seriously, have you ever touched a tube of lipstick? It's okay to rock a natural look, but if you have no experience putting on makeup, you're probably not the best candidate for going pro.

20 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

You prefer basic styles, and you rarely venture outside of your comfort zone. While you may have mastered eyeliner and foundation, you still have a lot to learn before you can attempt Hollywood glamour.

40 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

You enjoy watching YouTube makeover videos as much as the next girl, and you've attempted to add some pro tips to your beauty regimen. The passion is there, but you still need some professional experience before you can think about the big leagues.

60 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

Among your friends, you're well known for your good looks and flawless makeup, and your time is in high demand on special occasions like prom night! Keep experimenting and find a public outlet, like YouTube or Instagram, to show off your skills. You're headed in the right direction!

80 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

You have a passion for the transforming powers of makeup--and not just how foundation can cover up an acne breakout. You've also experimented with painting on bruises, fairy dust, and wrinkles! You've got the creativity and know-how. Now you just need to get your foot in the door!

100 Percent Ready to Be a Makeup Artist

You live and breathe makeup. When you're not playing around with new styles, you're watching professionals on YouTube or reading secret pro tips in magazines--and you've got that magic touch that lets you recreate what you see or read about, no matter how extreme it might seem. You're now ready to wow the world, so get job hunting!

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