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You're as cute and adorable as a fluffy yellow chick! A fun nickname that is given to children with a cheerful but timid personality, Pollitos are known for being a little shy and take time to open up and trust others. Is that you?


Being called Guero or Guera literally means you have a fair complexion, but these days, the nickname is as likely to be a reference to your cultured personality as your heritage. So regardless of your coloring, if you got this result, it means you are part of the social elite!


Welcome to the family! The nickname Primo or Prima means 'cousin,' and Mexicans think of close friends as part of their family. Getting this result means you are a popular person everyone wants to hang out with.


Quack! Many Mexican kids are known as 'duck' when they're kids, and for most of them, it sticks throughout their life. Patos are very active and love sports. In fact, there's a long list of professional football players with the nickname Pato. So waddle on out there, and kick the ball with the best of them!


Yes, this means 'skinny,' but take it as a compliment. After all, if you had to choose, wouldn't you rather be a Flaco than a Gordo ('fat')? Getting this result means that you have an artistic side to your personality and lean toward a more introverted lifestyle.


You're bewitching! This is an affectionate name for someone like you, with a beguiling personality and hypnotizing good looks. Or maybe you just graduated from Hogwarts and really are a sorcerer!

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