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Where's the action?! Reds have high energy and high hopes to match. Whatever you're into, you're into it 100 percent. If anyone's committed, it's you. Just don't be so dramatic about it. There's no reason to be so extra about every little thing, so as long as you know when to tone it down, everyone will love your winning personality.


You're a perfectionist. Most people find it endearing, but sometimes it even gets on your own nerves. People with yellowish-orange personalities have a hard time cutting loose, but just because you're extremely detail oriented doesn't mean you can't have fun. Use your keen eye to plan the best parties, the best vacations, or maybe even invent the next best board game.


You are never too worried or stressed out about what's going on in your everyday life. You're trying to get to another astral plane. Indigos love to learn and are always seeking out new ways to study. You're studying how to open your third eye, but don't limit yourself to just the spiritual realm. There's still plenty of ways to discover yourself and change the world on this plane of reality.


Your aura radiates pink, meaning you have a gentle, romantic personality. You're quite the daydreamer and always keep your head up even when your heart is breaking. Your unwavering optimism is what attracts people to you, and you a have a warm and inviting group of friends who would do anything for you.


You've got a good head on your shoulders. Blues are really strong-willed, but they know when to take a step back until the right moment presents itself. You maintain this cool attitude no matter what gets thrown at you, and people automatically feel comfortable when you're around.


You're a gentle soul, the kind that belongs in a wise, old grandmother. You have an infinite amount of patience, love cooking for all of your friends, and probably have a lot of pets you spoil to death. Silver auras can lose their radiance if they forget to pamper themselves every once in a while. So take some time to check in on yourself with a little relaxing meditation.

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