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You're anything but conservative! You love to show skin and wear color--sometimes even sheer. When you wear clothes, it's an expression of how open and free you are. Conservative clothing is too restricting for you and certainly not something you want to wear, ever!


You're anything but edgy! You love sweet things and wearing things like flower prints and pastels. You think clothing should be comfortable and breathable. Edgy clothing tends to be dark, neutral colored, and form-fitting with a lot of leather and metal. You're anything but!


You are anything but artsy! Your idea of style is clothing that doesn't have much going on. You're very simple and classic. You like black and white, simple jewelry, and cute accessories. Sleek! The thought of wearing a printed dress with busy heels makes you cringe!


You're anything but trendy! You don't follow trends, and you don't worry about setting them. You dress however you want to dress as long as it makes you happy. You like to be comfortable and clean--easy to get ready in the morning, easy to relax in. Nothing over the top!

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