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Living Nativity Scene

You are a traditional person, with a definite spiritual side. While you're put off by all the commercialism of Christmas, you enjoy the religious aspects of the holiday. For you, it's a time to to go back to church, to touch base with all your loved ones, to sing old-fashioned carols, and share a delicious feast with your family.

Evergreen Wreath with a Red Ribbon

You enjoy the Christmas season but you don't get carried away by it. You're all about no muss, no fuss. You take part in all the traditions that bring you pleasure and forget about the rest. You know how to celebrate! Kick off your shoes, get a warm drink, and curl up with your loved ones by the fire.

Ball of Mistletoe

Hubba, hubba. You put the SeX in XmaS. Or, at least, the romance (which can't be spelled out using the letters in Xmas, but you know what we mean). You enjoy the season's parties and the chance to mix and mingle. Those who aren't in a kissing mood avoid you like the plague. And those who are, try to get as close to you as possible!

String of Lights

Did anyone tell you lately that you're absolutely glowing? Because you are. Or that you have a sparkling personality? Becausethat, too. Your friends and family all know it's not Christmas without you in the room, casting the light of your presence on all those around you.


You're as silvery beautiful as icicles but you've got a heart of gold. A warm one. You're all over Christmas, in every way possible. Sure, you're a little over-the-top but who doesn't love to go crazy at Christmas? Shine on, you bright and shining person!

Canned Snow Spray

You're a little bit tacky and a whole lot of fun. If things aren't going your way, well, you simply MAKE them go your way. The weather's not cooperating? There's a way around that and it's right here in this can. You are also likely to enjoy canned whipped cream, easy cheese, and silly string. Hey, those would all make great stocking stuffers!

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