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Can Spot a Liar Immediately

Congratulations, you aced this quiz! You know all the ways to tell a lie from the truth and are extremely hard to fool. The flip side is that you know all the ways to fool someone else and might be an expert liar who loves to trick people. Who knows? We know you're not telling!

Almost Always Recognize a Lie

Great result! You got an almost perfect score and are very hard to fool with a lie. Your friends and family know they can't trick you, and a slick-talking salesman will raise your red flags right away. The upside of this score is that you are an expert at reading other people's body language. The downside is that you can be too cynical and miss out on opportunities that a more trusting person would embrace.

Are Pretty Hard to Fool (Although It Is Possible)

Good job. You did better than most on this quiz, but like most people, there are some key signs of lying that you do not catch. Do you want to be sure no smooth-talking con man is going to trick you? We recommend doing some research on the tricks and trademarks of professional liars!

Can Catch an Obvious Lie

You fail! You can catch a liar, but only if they are blushing and unable to look you in the eye! More sophisticated lies pass right under your radar, leaving you clueless and the liar laughing. So watch out, white lies from your friends and family won't really hurt you, but you'd better get wise before you get burned by an unscrupulous trickster.

Are Fairly Easy to Fool

You are an openhearted and trusting soul who would rather believe the best than think badly of someone. We honor your faith and agree that approaching the world with trust and love is the ideal way to live, but unfortunately, not everyone is like you. Keep your heart open, but open your eyes as well. You don't want less honest people to take advantage of your good nature.

Are Completely Gullible

Salesmen say there's a sucker born every minute, and when they see you, they know that you're a fresh-faced rube ready for the spin! Are you a sucker for a special offer? Do you share the wildest fake news without stopping to consider the unbelievability factor? Consider this quiz a wake-up call to start noticing the obvious lies, and take time to consider if something is really the truth instead of blindly accepting everything you see or read. Being trusting is good; being gullible is not.

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