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Keep a Secret 100% of the Time!

Your mouth is sealed and your secrets secure. There is no way you would ever betray a trust or accidently let something slip. Are you a spy? Because you are that good at keeping secrets. You will take a friend's secret to your grave. You are as safe as Fort Knox. No matter what, you would never share what someone else had told you in confidence.

Keep a Secret 90% of the Time!

You would only ever share a secret when you knew it was absolutely in someone's best interests to do so. You take the responsibility of keeping a secret very seriously. It takes a lot of soul-searching and a really good reason, for you to ever break a confidence. Because of this people can always depend on you in a tough and complex situation.

Keep a Secret 75% of the Time!

You will keep secrets from most of the world, but you have one or two close friends you share everything with. You know to be careful about whom you tell what to, but you also need to talk things over. People can trust you with their secrets, because you know the value of discretion and care.

Keep a Secret 50% of the Time!

Keeping secrets is a struggle for you, but you take the responsibility seriously. You always do your best, sometimes you don't succeed, but your friends know you tried. People share their secrets with you, because you are always sympathetic and understanding. People trust your nature and your goodness.

Keep a Secret 25% of the Time!

When it's really important, you always come through. You're no good at lying and you're constantly letting things slip. But you will struggle (and succeed!) to keep the really important secrets your friends need you to keep. People can count on you in tough times!

Keep a Secret 0% of the Time!

You don't mean to tell, you're just too honest to lie. You are a leaky sieve when it comes to secrets, you just can't help yourself! It's not that you to say anything; rather things just have a way of slipping out. When someone asks 'can you keep a secret?', your response should always be 'No!'.

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