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Presidential Hairpiece

Your personality is styling it on top of the world, and power is its middle name. Listen, it is telling you it's gonna make you great again! But you were always great, right? Yeah, you are the best and greatest. Really great!

Manic Hamster

Whirling around on the wheel of life, your personality is on a quest to get to the top. Circles never end, but neither does your determination to reach ever-higher goals. When the top becomes the bottom again, just keep climbing!

Radical Happy Meal

Your personality is deliciously revolutionary. Changing the world one potato chip at a time, you battle the forces of evil with your spontaneous charm and disruptive sense of style. Your powers are so great that you can make rebellion against the dark side come with fries and a soda!

Hacker Sheep

You follow the crowd--except when you don't! Your personality is a mutable object whose contents can be switched at any moment, and no one can predict whether you're going to play by the rules and blend with the crowd, or slip under the radar and bring down the establishment!

Sexy Librarian

Your personality likes to show off its traditional side, but hiding shyly behind the conformity is a totally different character. Release your inhibitions and you're ready for fun and up for any kind of adventure! (And yes, men can totally be sexy librarians!)

Psychic Cat

Your personality loves attention and can always predict where the best treats are coming from. You might not be the most active person around, but when you want something, you move fast to capture it with a sneak-attack pounce that surprises everyone!

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