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Butter Pecan

If you had a sweet tooth, it'd be salty. You like butter pecan, because it's the best of both worlds. Not every treat needs to make your teeth hurt, and having a good balance of flavor means you get more fun for your tongue.

Rainbow Sorbet

You are a wild child! You satisfy the hearts of children and retired diabetics on beaches everywhere. But all the bright colors and tangy sweetness get on people's nerves too. Some people just can't handle that much cloying charm.


You are predictable and reliable, and you expect the same from your flavor palette. You don't like surprises, and vanilla will never, ever surprise you. But the good thing about vanilla is that it tastes good in almost anything. You probably enjoy its basic flavor in coffee creamer and essential oils too!

Rocky Road

You like to have everything at once. Soft, hard, sweet, bitter--you like it all in one place. Crack open a pint of rocky road and enjoy the crunch. We're betting you put pretzels in your personal recipe instead of nuts, which is just freakin' genius! Just please don't chew with your mouth open. Ice cream isn't meant to be that loud.

Mint Chocolate Chip

There's nothing crazier than green ice cream. Top it off with chocolate and it's your dream come true. You live a curious life, and you like a little mystery and adventure. Mint chocolate chip satisfies all your cravings. But don't overindulge. You know too much animal milk makes you gassy.

Cookie Dough

You're a sweetheart, almost too pure for this world. Clearly you love cookie dough ice cream. There's nothing more romantic than uncooked dough and raw sugar. You could melt even the blackest heart with a pint of the stuff! Just don't eat it too fast. You'll get the worst headache and completely forget what you were doing before you picked up the spoon.

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