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A Popular Kid

Maybe you were on the drill team or you were a star athlete. Maybe you were so hot you didn't even have to get involved in anything. Either way, you probably didn't even know how you were. You just knew that you weren't as weird as some people and that you were always on the entrance list at the best parties--as long as you weren't having any dramatic rivalries with whomever was throwing it.

A Theater Geek

Maybe it wasn't even theater. Maybe it was choir or the talent show, or maybe you were captain of the drill team. Whatever it was, you loved the spotlight, and you loved challenging yourself. You also liked the late-night rehearsal parties the night before the big show and clowning around on out-of-town contest trips.

An Avant-Garde Person

If it was the '50s, you were a beatnik. The '80s, punk/new wave. Or the '90s, skater/goth. You were smart, fashionable in an edgy way, and probably an intellectual. You knew where the best underground clubs were, and you did everything before it was cool.

A Goody Two-Shoes

In the '80s, this group was SO good that they were called bow-heads, because they were so sweet and perfect that they really did wear bows in their hair--unironically. The masculine equivalent was preppy. You're in the group that is good-looking and well dressed enough to pass for popular, but no one EVER saw you with a red cup in your hand. Couples' skate was naughty enough for your taste.

An Overachiever

You were probably on student council, maybe a candidate for valedictorian, and probably held a school job like library assistant or office aide. Maybe you were a star athlete. Teachers, coaches, or directors loved you. You excelled at nearly all the extracurriculars you tried. If you're still overachieving, take a break already!

A Burnout

You were a stoner, rebel, punk, or metalhead--somewhere in one of those groups or maybe in all four. You knew how to chill as well as how to party and raise hell. Rock on.

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