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Cornbread Dressing

Your dressing may or may not have cornbread in it, but you most certainly call it dressing, whether you make it with cornbread, bread, or both. And, of COURSE, biscuits are always an ingredient option!

Sausage Stuffing

Maybe you stuff your sausage stuffing with rice or dress it up with apples, but either way, it's got great flavor!

Spicy Stuffing with Chorizo or Chiles

They do things differently out West, and that's a great thing! Whether it's green chicken chili when the hatch pepper hatches or some spicy stuffing at Thanksgiving, the West is a delicious place to be.

Oyster Stuffing

Oysters, chestnuts, and maybe even a few cranberries or rice bring the taste of the sea to your Thanksgiving table!

Sourdough and Apple

Yours is a healthy stuffing--or at least that's what you tell yourself when you're stretching out on the couch, trying to find comfort after stuffing yourself with it!


You must be from around Pennsylvania or have relatives there, but either way, your stuffing has potatoes in it, and it's not called stuffing!

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