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Gen Z or iGeneration are technology kids! They were born with technology, and they don't know the world without it. They are brilliant and very fast to adapt. But thanks to social media, they have a fear of missing out (FOMO), and when they feel insecure, they immediately reach for their phones.They have very short attention spans. Long conversations stress them out. And they are more into three-minute interactions on YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram.


Millennials are adapters! Their drivers are development and creativity! In childhood, they had playdates, not play time. They were taught self-esteem and how to take care of their inner self. Their time was organized by parents, and parents are their support through life. They don't trust government, only their friends and family. Thanks to social media, they lead fully transparent lives. They share everything, and they love technology. They are internet rebels who think in terms of action. They create their entertainment--YouTube, Uber, and Airbnb, just to mention a few!

Gen X

Gen Xers are doers! Their drivers are money, work, and fear of losing it all! They are the TV generation. They have TV dinners and TV dates. Disney cartoons on Saturday morning were part of their childhood. They understand the world through pictures, not words (like Baby Boomers). They graduated into the recession. They are individuals, mostly entrepreneurs who work for themselves and truly love their notebooks.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are builders and hardworking people. They are conversation clever and love clever conversations! At school, they were taught Latin, humanity, and how to debate. In their time, debates were based on fact-checked knowledge! They want to be listened to, and they love to talk things through for hours. They acknowledged the legacy of their parents' world and have hopes for their world to change. They believed in the American Dream and their pursuit of it!

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