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Square Chin

You're a stubborn creature, sometimes difficult to deal with. You don't like to take the sideways route; getting directly to the point saves so much time! Getting what you want is not a problem for you. But on the other hand, you're transparent and honest, and you don't like to play games, which unfortunately make you enemies at work.

Short and Narrow Chin

You're a very sensitive and kind person, but when somebody pushes the wrong button, they have to be prepared for the thunderstorm to come. You really care what other people think about you, and it's difficult for you to take criticism. You're a very fun and social person, but be careful with gossiping--it might hurt somebody!

Protruding Chin

You are a born leader! Being confident, forceful, and enthusiastic helps you motivate others at work! But be careful, because sometimes you can come off as pushy. You are very goal oriented, not afraid to take risks, and you use your time very wisely! That's why you're so successful!

Round Chin

You are a perfect friend, and you love your family! Being generous is normal for you, and you would never leave a friend in need alone. You're a warm and sympathetic person. You're able to have a balanced life. If you're working, you give 100 percent, and when on vacation, you leave your troubles behind and have a good time. You don't like leader roles and prefer teamwork.

Long Chin

You have an artistic soul! Your loving nature and charm help you make friends wherever you go. You're also very loyal, and anybody can talk with you about their problems. You're creative, and you prefer to see problems as opportunities!

Receding Chin

You are a born diplomat! If there were more people like you, we wouldn't have to worry about wars anymore! You're a peacemaker wherever you go. On the other hand, you're a bit weak-willed, and you prefer to follow others instead of taking the risk and following your own path. Think about it, sometimes wonderful things happen when you step out of your comfort zone!

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