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Blue is said to be the rarest eye color, which might explain why you feel so lonely all the time. Blue eyes often symbolize sadness, but people with blue eyes are probably the strongest type of people. You can handle almost anything anyone throws at you, even if you cry about it sometimes, and your strength often inspires the people around you.


You're down-to-earth and easy to get along with. Even your enemies have a hard time hating you! Your brown eyes are warm and invite everyone to get to know you. People with brown eyes are known to be outdoorsy and are most comfortable camping or hanging out at a bonfire with friends.


You're not exactly the jealous type. People with naturally green eyes are thought to be more exotic, as they symbolize rebirth and renewal, which can make a lot of people jealous of you! They wish they could brighten the room like you do. Your refreshing outlook on life is a burst of fresh air in this stagnant world.


People with hazel eyes have a hard time sticking to a plan. You are very flexible with change and love to try new things, but when it comes to following a schedule, you can be a bit, well, unorganized. You get bored quickly and would rather die than follow a bland, boring routine.


People with gray eyes tend to be more conservative, and not in the political sense. Those around you might mistake you for being more serious than you actually are, but that's just because you have a very stoic demeanor. You're sophisticated, well spoken, and sometimes a little bit moody, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to let loose.

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