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You are a team player and like to keep the people around you happy. You work hard and are loyal to your friends and family. Your tenderhearted nature makes you easily likable and pleasant to be around. You are shy but very interested in others.


You go after what you want, and most of the time, you get it. Great at making decisions based on analytical thinking and logic, and you rarely let your emotions get in the way. Your bold nature makes you a great leader.


You are the first person invited to the party because you bring life and energy wherever go. You are a great conversationalist and put people at ease the minute you meet them. Just be careful not to overbook that social calendar!


You're a deep thinker. People sense your intelligence quickly and look to you for help with problem solving. You are observant and quick to catch on to almost anything.


You are fun and energetic! You're the first to suggest trying something new or to talk a friend into an unplanned adventure. You might get yourself into a bit of trouble now and again, but it keeps life interesting!


You are a gentle person, kind and loving to all those you meet. You move gracefully throughout the world, making people smile with your soft smile and positive energy. You are a bit quiet, but don't let that fool anyone, you're also smart as a whip.

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