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What Men Love About Women

Men are fairly simple straight-forward creatures, and it really doesn’t take much to make them happy. But it never hurts to probe a little deeper to find out what they love about women.

All About That Body

We’ll tackle this one first because first impressions are important and try as hard as we all do; the first thing we notice about people is their bodies. It can be as simple as a dazzling smile, the flash of red hair or long beautiful legs are all hard to miss. What men love about women is that we have all kinds of physical differences and quirks that make us special and they can’t wait to find out what those quirks are and then memorize them. Besides, if we do it just right, we can create an impression that he will never forget.

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An abundance of confidence will get us very far in lifefrom job interviews to clothes shopping and especially for dating. Most men want a woman who is confident and sure of herself. She knows what she wants, how to get it and when she wants it. This kind of self-assurance and confidence will leave a good impression and make him want to be around us more often. It also reassures him that we are a good investment of his time and affections because we aren’t here to mess around and break his heart.


This is a trait that all men want in a woman, but it isn’t an easy first impression piece. This one takes a little more time to discover. He will spend a few dates and get to know us before he decides if we are trustworthy or not. And it is important for us to be trusty because he won’t want to give us access to his love and emotions if we won’t handle them gently or keep his secrets. It is all fun and games until he decides to put a ring on it.

Outdoorsy And Adventurous

Okay so he might not actually want to go outside with us all the time but what he is basically looking for is a woman with various interests and who likes to get out and try new things. If we only like to go to certain stores and rotate between the same options for dinner and activities, then life becomes stale and stagnant after awhile. Men want a woman who will shake them out, get them off the couch and whisk them away on an adventure even a metaphorical adventure will do.

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Has Mad Kitchen Skills

Men adore a woman who knows how to cook. Food is essential to life, and it has to taste good, be cooked well (unless we are talking sushi here) and be nutritious for our bodies. Food is a sensual bonding experience shared by people all over the world, and if we can wow him in the kitchen, then he is pretty much sold. And the kicker? It isn’t that hard to be a good cook. Just get a cookbook or some YouTube videos, a few kitchen utensils and ingredients and start practicing. He’ll probably want to be the taste-tester as we hone our skills.

Open To The Future

And by the future, he means a future with him. He wants to know if we are flexible with long-term plans or if we can merge our five-year goals smoothly. He really wants to know if we are open to kids someday. Out of all the women he may or may not have met, he will someday pick one who wants to have his kids, and he’s really hoping we are that one. It might be cool if we already come with kids in tow, but in general, he is thinking about his future kids with us.

Kind And Compassionate

A kind woman who shows compassion and understanding for those around her (especially the people close to her) is a rare and wonderful thing to find. All men want this type of woman in their lives permanently because they know she will love them and take care of them when they are sick or injured or feeling down and need a hug. They also know that she will make a great mother someday which is a trait he might not even know he is looking for in a woman until he finds her.

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Sense Of Humor

Every guy loves the girl who laughs at his dumb jokes and knows how to have a great time. As time goes on, men still want the woman who knows how to have fun and play with him or laugh at his jokes. It lets him know that we can balance life and know when to be serious and when to play. Deep down, his inner little boy just wants a playmate, and we are shaping up to be the perfect long-term candidate.

The Genuine Article

Men love a woman is genuine and able to be herself around him. She knows herself, what she likes and dislikes and has the confidence to speak up for herself and get what she wants. If she wants a burger, then she will get a burger. If she likes her hair a certain way, she’ll wear it that way. The genuine, honest woman is a rare thing and is almost always trustworthy.

Red Lips

Several studies, articles and polls have all concluded that the vast majority of men love the color red on a woman. Red lips are exciting and attractive, that red dress will definitely catch his attention, and red hair will set his heart on fire. The color red is a naturally bright color that draws the eye, and it has been shown to excite men. So for that first date where we make the killer first impression, apply some perfectly red lipstick and see if he sticks around for a second date. Men also like women with long hair and glasses.

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