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What Hair Color Makes You Look Younger?

Hair color can elevate your look, making you between 5-10 years younger. Assuming you know what you're doing, of course! Let's look at colors to consider.


Yes, black. We’re starting with the darkest of hair colors and working our way to the light options here. Plus, black hair is associated with all sorts of beautifully sexy, dark things. Things like vampires, horror movie beauties, and the mysterious supernatural. If you want a vampy vibe, this is the ticket.

Now, before you claim this color will wash you out and age you a thousand years… Yes, this is not the color for you if you’re any shade of white. Even if you’re not pale, jet black hair is just so stark, that it’s not friendly on white people. It will age you.

But if you’re tan, or super dark skinned, you’re right in the ballpark. You’ve got enough pigmentation that it holds up to a very strong, dark pigmented hair color. It may actually look quite natural on you, hence giving off a very youthful vibe.

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Dark Brown

No one ever thinks of dark brown as a youthful, fascinating hair color to opt for, but it is under the right conditions. Just think about it for a second: dark brown isn’t too dark, but it’s also not light. It’s the perfect compromise for someone who wants something rather low-maintenance, that still makes them look youthful.

What you can do to further elevate this color is investing in very good quality colored hair shampoo and conditioner. Also, go two days between washes, relying on dry shampoo between washes. This will ensure your color doesn’t fade too quickly.

Who does it fit? Surprisingly, almost everyone. The exception to the rule is anyone who is overly pale. For people with very fair skin, this color will wash you out further, aging you a thousand years overnight. Don’t do it, refrain from the mistake!

Plus, once you dye your hair a dark color, it kind of stays that way until you grow it out, or fix it with bleach, and that damages your hair. So, do your research and be super critical of color before your salon visit!

Light or Medium Brown

This is perfect for anyone looking for something super low maintenance. It’s one shade, entirely relying on shininess and light reflections to add definition and youth. Because it’s light or medium at most, it’s very versatile, and goes well with most women’s facial features.

The trick to making this color work for you is to go quite a while between color applications. Touching up the roots shouldn’t be too dire of an exercise, you could go a month or two between salon visits. Just make sure to condition your hair often, use softening hair treatments, and to always polish off your style with shine gloss to make the color pop.

Who does it fit? Anyone who is pale or a lighter shade of tan. Medium tan to black skin tones tend to clash a bit with this hair color, unfortunately.

Bronde Sombre

Think dark brown roots, with graduating light browns fading into sharp blonde toward the ends. It adds brightness and contrast to the hair, thereby making you look youthful. Furthermore, it’s decently low maintenance, allowing you to go quite a while before having to get touched up. You know, since the look is meant to have dark roots and all.

The good thing about this look is that it avoids having a very monotone look, where it’s just one color all the way through, with no definition or variation. Although amazing when you’re younger, it doesn’t always translate well when it frames an older face.

Who does it fit? Anyone who is pale, all the way to a lighter shade of black. It’s a very broad spectrum!


Here’s the thing about the blonde hair color: it doesn’t play well with others. It doesn’t even play well with your hair. To get it, women have to go to the salon to progressively lighten their hair over a period of several months. It takes a lot of patience, as well as care. So, if you’re going blonde, remember that it will be a whole endeavor.

That being said, blonde is a beautiful color that immediately makes you look ten years younger. It’s very sexy, beachy, and fun. The way it reflects light catches the eye, and overall, really makes it easy for you to catch someone’s eye.

Who does it fit? Sadly, blonde isn’t ideal for anyone with a dark skin tone. Although it’s been done, it comes off as very stark, so the only way to really pull that off is to play up that starkness by going platinum. We’ll touch base on that in the next section!

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Platinum Blonde

If you thought blonde was high maintenance, meet platinum blonde, the higher maintenance cousin. This color is ridiculously tricky to both achieve and pull off, so let’s dive into it in detail.

First of all, you can’t get this color overnight. You’ll have to progressively lighten your hair over a period of several months, maybe even years. It helps to be blonde naturally, because that will cut the time by more than half. If you’re super dark haired, you actually may never safely achieve this color.

The reason being that it takes a toll on your hair every time you lighten it. So the more you do it, the more fragile and brittle it becomes. That means that you’ll likely reach a point where you can’t lighten it further without losing your hair.

So, keep that in mind.

Furthermore, since naturally dark skinned beauties tend to have super dark hair, it means that platinum blonde is only for lighter skinned women and men. Realistically speaking, anyone with a darker skin tone, and dark hair, will lose their hair before they achieve platinum.

That means you should consider this the jet black hair equivalent. Anyone that’s too pale can’t have black hair without being washed out. And anyone that’s just too tan or dark skinned can’t have platinum hair. It’s fair, if you think about it.

Best of luck to you!

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