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What Does Wearing A Wooden / Bamboo Watch Says About You?

There is a very popular saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Most people cannot help it though, especially when it comes to other people’s appearances. How a person presents himself almost always affects how people look at him, because it is inevitable that your choices in clothes, shoes, and accessories will be affected by your own personality. When it comes to watches, wood or bamboo is not a very popular choice. Not everyone wears a wooden or bamboo watch, so it is not surprising that wearing one says a lot about you. Here are some of them:

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#1 You’re cultured.

Nothing says just how refined your taste is or speaks of your education quite like a watch with a cool history and or story. Wood in many different cultures is used in everything from culinary practice to construction, and of course to musical instruments. Bamboo is no different as it is used as a symbol of friendship in India and a symbol of uprightness and strength for the Chinese.

If you have not yet considered yourself cultured, then owning a bamboo watch may very well start you on the path. Wearing something with that much history and symbolism will entice you to learn a bit more about the Asian and Polynesian cultures that hold this plant and the items it makes in such high regard.

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#2 You’re unusual.

These days thanks to freedom of speech and the internet, everyone can highlight their unique approach to life. In many instances we do, but we end up being just carbon copies of our favorite celebrity or some other influential figure. It seems everyone wants to be like someone else and we have forgotten that it is ok to be unique.

It’s refreshing to find someone comfortable just being themselves weird quirks and all. Silver and gold are really great metals and they do look clean on a watch. But with the hip hop game being gaudy and liberal with their jewelry and Trump’s obsession as is shown in his jet and apartment; it may have become a bit overrated and pricey.

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#3 You’re fun.

By choosing to step into the realm of new products an interesting name will definitely catch your eye. Many wooden watches are being designed by younger entrepreneurs for a younger audience, therefore the names of these watches become super cool and trendy so that they are social media ready. So expect a few smart and fun pun-filled names as you change watch lanes.

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#4 You’re fashion conscious.

Just like the stock market, spotting future fashion trends can make you an icon. Having a good eye for what is coming and jumping the gun will require some risk, but it will highlight how confident you are in your choices. After a while, the masses will finally catch on and as a result, prices will begin to rise. So taking charge and being fashion forward can also mean great savings in the future.

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#5 You’re good with money.

With so many people these days balling out of control, you may be inclined to forget that frugality is something to strive for. If there is one lesson to be learned from the 2008 market crash is that putting your hat too high will eventually come back to haunt you. So buying a cool piece while it is cheap shows just how great you are at spotting great value while on a budget.

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#6 You care about the environment.

There are wooden watches available that are made using biodegradable materials. Some up are up to 80% biodegradable. Having sustainable materials apart of your everyday life may just begin to set a new trend in your circle of influence.

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#7 You can tell the time all the time.

Having a smartphone means having apps for everything. Apps running all the time mean low battery life. Having a wooden watch helps especially for those unfortunate moments when your smartphone battery dies.

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