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What does wearing a minimalist Scandinavian watch say about you?

Minimalism is booming. A way of living with ease, in a basic way. Scandinavia is a pioneer in applying minimalism on a daily basis. They are well-known to be progressive and stylish while staying simple. Let’s see what wearing a minimalist Scandinavian watch says about you and your personality:

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#1 You care about design

The way you present yourself is what tells who you are. One of the ways of improving your aesthetic appeal is wearing a minimalist watch. It can be a sign of your way of life at first sight.

Here you can check Scandinavian watches for men and women designed by Jakob Wagner, a renowned Danish designer.

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#2 Simple things make you happy

Wearing a minimalist watch says you are a simple person, easy to understand, straightforward and uncomplicated in your daily life. If you want to be seen as a pure person while being sophisticated take a look at these infinity watches from Nordgreen.

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#3 Less is more

It’s all about balance, owning less stuff and focusing on fewer tasks means having more time and freedom, prioritizing the most important for each of us. When you are seen with a minimalist watch it means you are less prone to stress and worry.

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#4 You mind about cosiness

This is something Scandinavian people have internalized and for that reason, they try to be as comfortable as possible. Dressing up with a watch does not necessarily need to mean being uncomfortable or having an unpleasant experience.

If you don’t like leather or mesh straps, here you can find minimalist watches with nylon or rubber straps.

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#5 Generosity defines you

Historically wearing a watch has meant you are someone who can afford it, so people could tend to think that you are selfish and greedy. But there are some Scandinavian brands that donate part of the price of the watch with every purchase. Here you will find one of them!

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#6 You are open-minded

Scandinavians reward the ability to think out of the box. They use that in order to create a better environment and a better future. That’s why they lead the innovation field.

A minimalist Scandinavian watch will show you have all these abilities.

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