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Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

Every marriage takes hard work and effort. Continuously, in fact. So, if you find yourself in a rut, don't feel so bad about it! Here are some quick fixes to get some spice back into things.

Take A Vacation

Yes, it’s the most popular solution, and certainly the most basic, but it works like a charm. So, can you really bash it? Not really.

You see, there’s something about vacations that really shakes things up. For one thing, you’re not thinking about work (hopefully), so you’re able to relax, unwind, and just be in the moment with your partner. You’re much more open to adventures, experiences, and overall fun.

Another thing is the fact that because you’re so relaxed, you’re likely to liven things up in the bedroom without even trying. That’s why vacation sex is repeatedly referred to as the best sex. Because you get to be as uninhibited and fun as you probably were in the beginning.

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Visit A Naughty Store Together

This is for the couple who wants to liven things up, without actually having to go anywhere special. It’s easy fun, and certainly a lot cheaper than booking two flights to a tropical island.

A few things to look for include little outfits, lotions and potions, toys, and even just books full of position ideas. There’s a lot to choose from in these shops, so it’s all about what you two are comfortable trying out.

Text Like You’re A New Couple Again

This is super fun and unexpected! Next time you’re at work, go ahead and hit on your spouse with a flirty text. Use winking emojis, playful language, and even describe what you’d like to ideally be doing. Make it as naughty or as innocent fun as you want it to be.

Not only will this catch your spouse off guard, it will also encourage them to try out something unexpected of their own to reciprocate.

It’s never a bad idea to revisit some of the things you used to do when you were first dating. It’s retreading old ground, and pleasant memories, that remind you both of why you fell for each other in the first place.

Do the Small Stuff

That’s right, if you know what your partner’s favorite cookies are, don’t hesitate to buy them next time you’re out grocery shopping! If you know your partner loves to sleep in on weekends, don’t wake them up. Instead, sleep in with them, or surprise them with breakfast later in the morning or early afternoon when they wake up.

It’s these small things that really show you care. And it lets your partner know that you have learned the little things they truly enjoy. It’s always nice to feel appreciated and understood by a partner.

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Chill Bumps

This is what happens when you walk up behind your partner, hold them close and whisper in their ear, or kiss them gently on the neck or ears. It’s sexual, it’s playful, and it’s certainly romantic, all wrapped up into one ultimately powerful action.

Your partner certainly won’t mind it either, as it’s meant to catch them off guard and surprise them with something that makes their skin tingle with delight and even a smidge of anticipation.

Keep Yourself Looking Hot

This is for both men and women, no discriminating here. Men and women alike should strive to look good not only for their own selfish reasons, but for their partner too. Just because you’re married it doesn’t mean you should let yourself slip. It’s not the end of the line. The race isn’t finished just because you got married.

No, in fact, it should ramp up! Looking good isn’t really an option, it’s mandatory. It makes you feel good about yourself, it keeps you confident and happy with yourself, and it also helps to keep things fresh and hot between you and your spouse.

Think makeup, if you’re a woman. Think deodorant and manly body spray or cologne if you’re a man. And as always, health is key, so try to get some exercise and vegetables in. You don’t need to be stick thin, but watching what you eat can keep you running in tip top shape. Avoiding terrible health conditions is important.

Be Romantic Every So Often

You don’t need to bend over backwards every single day, trying to figure out new ways to be romantic for your partner, but there’s a reason why romance novels and movies exist: romance keeps things… lively! Loving!

And it doesn’t have to mean love letters and flowers or views of lush gardens, unless you want it to, that is. Romance means something different to everyone. It could even mean giving your wife foot rubs every night because she has a physically demanding job that means she’s up and moving around 40 hours or more per week.

Next time you’re wanting to be romantic, try lighting some candles and plating dinner a little nicer on the plate. Maybe use fabric napkins instead of paper towels. Or put on an outfit that you know your partner loves seeing you in.

Monthly, Or Weekly Dates

Just because you’re married it doesn’t mean you need to stop dating your spouse. In fact, dating should be more fun now, because you know each other, you know what you like, and you get to do those fun things with your favorite person in the world.

Try doing this: pick a weekly or monthly day to designate to date night. Go watch a movie, go bowling or ice skating. Check out the new shopping mall together, or just have a fancy dinner. Whatever it is, make sure you dress up, look your best, and approach it like you really are still dating.

Keeping that newness around is essential for romance. It surprises your partner, and it makes things lively. Instead of falling into a rut, you’re putting in effort to make things as exciting as they were in the beginning. How fun is that?

Oh, and you don’t need to break the bank. If budget is a concern, remember that a date can be just about anything you want it to be. It could even be a picnic in the park, or pretending you’re two strangers at the bar.

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