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Ways To Show Your Wife You Love Her

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing love. Here are __ foolproof ways to show your wife that you love her more than anything else!

How can you show your wife you love her? It can be trickier to communicate your feelings in a way she understands and appreciates. However, if you follow these six ways to show love, your wife is sure to get the message loud and clear!

1. Non-Sexual Touch

One of the most important building blocks of love is warmth and intimacy. Affectionate touches, with no intention of sex, will show your wife that you like her as a person. Touch can serve so many purposes. If she has a bad day, you can comfort her and show your support with a relaxing massage. If you want to commend her on an accomplishment, you can give her a high five or stroke her hair. Learn what kind of touch she likes, and be generous with your physical expressions of affection.

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2. Sexual Touch

Besides being liked, a woman wants to feel desired by her partner. How can you show that you find her attractive? One way is by sexual touch. You can use sexual touch to initiate sex, but you can also use it to let her know that you are attracted to her in a sexual way. French kissing, necking, and indulgent hugs are all ways to indicate your desire.

3. Pursue Opportunities to Be Together

When you like someone, you want to be around them. To show your wife your love for her, show her that you enjoy being with her. Try to schedule your days off when she will be at home. Go to her job and eat lunch with her when you can. Planning fun dates and romantic activities is essential, but you can also take pleasure in everyday activities. For instance, you can prepare a meal together, chat while waiting somewhere for an appointment, or go grocery shopping together. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as she knows you want to do it with her.

4. Prioritize

When you got married, you, in essence, told the world that you prefer this one specific person over everyone else. Your wife, therefore, should come first in your priorities. If your wife needs you, you might sacrifice sleep, food, money, or whatever else is necessary to take care of her. Keep work obligations in balance, and turn down any opportunities that may jeopardize your relationship. If you make her the priority, she will know that she is truly loved.

5. Buy Presents

Most men would put this first on a list of ways to show love. Unfortunately, gifts can feel very hollow to women who are feeling neglected, undesirable, and unappreciated. So, before you go to the store, make sure you take care of your wife’s emotional needs. Buying a present can be deceptively tricky. If you buy the wrong thing, you can send the wrong message. For example, if you buy her a locket and she knows you bought a locket for your ex-fiancee, she’s not going to feel very special. Or, if you buy a vacuum cleaner, she may think that you only care about her house cleaning abilities. Once again, knowing your wife is key. The present doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant, but it should reflect that you know her very well.

6. Give a Meaningful Compliment

Women like to be told that they are beautiful and that they smell good. But if you go beyond the surface, women will feel loved. Tell her the way her mind works amazes you or you can’t believe how talented she is!

These aren’t the only six ways to show your wife you love her, but all of them should take place in a loving relationship. As you apply the tips, you will find it becomes natural to express your feelings. And when your wife feels your love, she will love you all the more!

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