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Ways To Show Your Love

Need new ways to show your love? It's time to read up on some simple ways to display your feelings to your partner! Let's get started, take a seat and let's get to it.

Do the Little Things

Sometimes, the little things go a longer way than the big displays of affection and love. Cooking a nice meal, or clearing your evening schedule, even surprising your partner with candy for no reason can mean so much more than dates to posh, lavish restaurants and getaway trips?


Because it’s those little off-the-cuff moments that prove that your partner was on your mind that day. That while you were working, or taking care of errands, you thought about them and decided to do something cute, and small, to put a smile on their face.

And being on someone’s mind is oftentimes… much more special than the act of planning a getaway trip with them. There’s no planning over time, no premeditated actions of any kind here. Just a sweet gesture.

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Listen to Them Carefully

Everything you need to know is often spoken, and what isn’t, is displayed. For instance, when you’re in a store and your partner says they want an item, but the store doesn’t offer it, or doesn’t offer the right type, you can surprise them with the item later.

Or perhaps your partner seems tired. They haven’t outright said so out loud, but you can tell by the droopy eyelids, and the slumped body language. It would be meaningful if you showed up with a blanket, ready to cuddle and nap.

In other words, paying attention is important in relationships. It serves as a guide, a reminder of putting your partner first sometimes, not just being selfish all the time.

Go the Big Route

Sure, the little things matter the most, in the grand scheme of things. When we’re old and gray, we don’t remember the lavish moments as much as we do the sweet, boring moments with those we love.

But that being said, the lavish displays of affection and love aren’t to be thrown out the window either. They’re essential in keeping some sense of romance alive. And plus, sometimes it’s well-deserved! Maybe you’ve had a tough few months of being overly busy, and a getaway weekend is the perfect way to remind yourselves that it was all worth it.

So, every so often, remember to plan a vacation. Set aside time to be together over an extended period of time. Hire a gourmet cook to come into your home and prepare a lovely dinner. Or book a nighttime yacht dinner.

Offer Your Support

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes. Or at least, someone to vent to. And when it comes to displays of love, nothing says “I love and accept you,” like being there when your partner needs to be vulnerable.

Next time your partner’s had a tough day, hug them. When your partner gets some bad news, let them vent. Hear them out. Or when something terrible happens, be there with a box of tissues, ready to go.

And don’t feel awkward if you don’t know what to say. Just being there counts. It’s likely that’s all your partner will want anyway, for you to just be there and hold them. It sends the message loud and clear, that you’re there for them, that you care, and that you’re going to help however you can.

Send Romantic Notes

No, romantic letters, notes and cards aren’t just for people who lived in the 19th century. They don’t need to be written with ink and feather pens. And they certainly don’t require you to have high quality parchment.

Although, if you have those things on hand and want to use them, by all means! It would certainly be unexpected, and appreciated.

But the truth is that these words of love mean so much on their own, without all the fuss and fanciness. A simple greeting card with a touching handwritten sentiment inside is enough to make an impact. A little piece of notebook paper that says “I love you,” could mean so much more than you expect it to.

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Make the Memories

It’s not enough to talk over text or social media. It’s not enough to call every night. Turns out, relationships only truly excel and succeed when the memories are made.

And that means watching movies, going to shows, playing games, or cooking together. It means hanging out in new places, spending time with friends together, and meeting each other’s families. It means sharing your life with that person.

Letting them in is critical to your success as a couple. It constitutes being open to new experiences, new places and ways of viewing the world around you.

Show Compassion

A lot of times in relationships, compassion is lost. When one person does something wrong, the other is the first to judge, to cry, to express hurt feelings and distressed decision-making. And not only does that make communication hard, it also makes the guilty party feel even worse.

Sure, mistakes are made and feelings get hurt. That’s inevitable, it’s part of being human. If we could all avoid it, we would!

But the fact of the matter is that compassion goes a long way. Being able to listen to them during times like these, and being able to fully understand their perspective and situation, allows you to make better choices. It helps you regain control of yourself. And it gives them an accepting, safe platform in which to share details and information.

In other words, the nicer you are, the easier you are to talk to. And when mistakes inevitably occur, it’s easier to move past them, because you’re both able to talk things out and process everything in half the time.

No negative associations, no pointing fingers, no judgments being made without having all the facts. And most importantly, there’s no selfish approaches to a problem. That’s super critical in a relationship, as there is no such thing as one of you having a problem. When you’re with someone, that problem is shared. It is your problem to deal with together.

Think like a team, act like a team.

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