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Ways To Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her

Sometimes, a small gesture can go a long way. Other times, we want to show our love with something a little bigger. Here are some ways to remind your girlfriend that you love her.

Showing Her Some Affection

Most men seem to think that a simple hug, kiss, or even some hand holding is just that: simple and meaningless. But in reality, women really appreciate affection. For most women, affection is one of the most important displays of love! So when you don’t do it enough, she may feel alone in the relationship, shunned, or even taken for granted.

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Cooking for Her

If your girlfriend can’t cook, and is used to ordering takeout, a good change of pace is a home cooked meal, prepared by you! If you can cook, letting those skills in the kitchen shine is a boost to your sex appeal, as well as a giant help for her. She won’t mind one bit, as long as you clean up afterwards.

Now, if she can cook, then your cooking will actually mean that much more. Although it’s certainly more intimidating to cook for someone with skills of their own, it also presents an opportunity to impress her. And she can fully appreciate any elaborate cooking scheme or recipe you try out!

Sharing In Her Hobbies With Her

It could be gardening, playing video games, reading a book, or arts and crafts. Whatever one of her hobbies is, you should try joining in one day. Showing a genuine interest in the things she finds fun shows that you care about her, and about spending time with her. It also poses you as someone who’s flexible and willing to learn new things, outside of your comfort zone. Those are some very appealing qualities!

Making It Romantic

Sometimes you just need to use some good old romantic tricks to get the message across. And that means pulling out the candles, playing that soft, sexy music and breaking up a few rose petals on a bed.

Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day for something like this, or an anniversary. It shows you went the extra mile to make it special and romantic, which translates to “love.” All of that effort!

Elevating That Dinner

You don’t have to cook to show your love for your girlfriend. Ordering takeout can still be just as, if not somehow more, romantic. Here’s what we mean:

Picture a rooftop setting with some string lights or candles, a full moon, a view of the city, a soft blanket on the floor, with some takeout ready to go. There’s plates and silverware, as well as the little basket where you brought everything in. That shows dedication, effort, creativity, and romance. All on a budget!

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Helping Out With Chores

Sure, it’s not the sexiest thing in the world. It’s cleaning toilets, scrubbing dirty dishes and sinks, wiping off old food crumbs from the dining room table. But you know what? It means the world to her.

Not only does helping out with chores make her life easier for the week, assuming she cleans on a weekly basis, it also helps clear up some of her down time. That time she would normally spend cleaning has been freed up quite a bit, which means... she gets more time to hang out with you! Or even by herself, just catching up on errands or hobbies.

Paying Attention

When she needs to vent, cry, explain, or otherwise just talk for 20 minutes, she has a vague idea that you may not be… that intrigued. Or that you may not even agree! And that’s okay, because people are different, after all.

But see, when you actually pay attention, and hear what she’s saying, she knows it. She can pick up on it, and it suddenly becomes this intimate, meaningful moment of communication. Suddenly, it’s not just about what’s being said, it’s about the fact that you care enough about what goes on in her life.

It may seem like a very mundane thing, but if you can just pay more attention rather than nodding in solidarity without hearing a single word, she’ll feel like she just broke through a barrier. Your relationship will be stronger for it, and you’ll certainly be crowned partner of the year.

Being Attentive

It could be something as simple as helping her carry groceries, or holding her drink while she uses the restroom at the mall. It could be giving her your coat if she’s shivering, or ensuring she has her coffee before she starts work.

Whatever small gesture you can think of that will either make her life easier, or show that you watch out for her well-being, is a form of being attentive. And nothing, absolutely nothing, beats that in a woman’s mind.

Surprising Her With Something From Before

You were in the checkout line once and she mentioned how there’s a new cookie flavor she’ll have to try later. You were at the movie theater and she mentioned how there’s a shirt on the screen that she really loves. Or better yet, you remember the day you two went on a date, and found something unexpected, like perhaps a famous cupcake stand.

When you remember these little things, and then bring it home later, that’s when you know that you’ve won some major points. It’s a major display of love for your girlfriend, because you’re clearly on top of things. You gift her items she’s either mentioned before, or you let her know that you remember the little moments with her that mean more than words.

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Remembering The Important Things

Her birthday, your anniversary, any important dates for her that mean something. If you can remember those special dates, or even just the little reminders she assumes you’ll forget later (e.g. “don’t forget to bring vanilla bean ice cream!”), then you’ve struck gold.

It’s so simple, so easy, but it’s the fact that you listened and remembered. It takes an already meaningful date, and makes it extra special. Adds a nice touch.

And if it’s not a special date at all, it’s just the act of remembering what to bring to the family dinner, then it still counts. You listened!

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