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Things You Need To Know Before Dating The Outgoing Introvert

You’re human, and humans are complicated. And more so, there are no absolutes in life. That means introverts and extroverts come in all intensities. There are super shy introverts, slightly more timid extroverts…
And yes, outgoing introverts.
This refers to people who are introverts at heart, but occasionally do extrovert things, because their personality is a mixture of both.
Here’s what you need to know before dating an outgoing introvert:

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#1 Their Energy Level Is Tied to Their Environment

When there’s a chill bedroom, with some soft music playing, cozy blankets, and a pile of books, outgoing introverts quickly adapt and become mellow. But when taken to an amusement park, they may be giddy about trying the biggest roller coaster there.

But don’t be fooled: if the place doesn’t fit their preferences, their mood suffers. Maybe they’re not into loud concerts at all. That drains them! But take them to an acoustic live show and they may cheer up. It varies person to person.

#2 They Like People But In Controlled Doses

They may be all for hearing you talk about your life, and they may love to people watch. Even hang out with you often enough. But they are not they type of people who hang out all the time. They need their space, because people drain their energy. Time to recharge batteries is key.

In other words, dating this person would be a blend. They will often spend time with you and make that time for you, but they will also be missing in action for a few hours at a time.

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#3 They Like to Leave Before the Party Is Over

That’s right, outgoing introverts will likely attend parties, especially if they’re hosted by their close friends. They’ll talk, they’ll mingle with people the know. Even some they don’t! But they’ll leave before the party is over.

They may do something to let everyone know they were there, but then they’ll say goodbye to two people and leave. Could be as simple as playing DJ for a single minute to change the song. Whatever it is, they make sure they’re seen and then they’re out.

#4 They’re Not Shy

Shyness is typically associated with introverts, but in reality, they are often not shy at all. At least not the outgoing introverts, anyway. They will often come off as extroverts to the untrained eye!

But it’s not like they’re trying to be deceptive. These people are open and friendly in social situations, but they will often go back to their own isolated selves once they’ve had enough social interaction. Remember, the whole batter recharge need is a thing for outgoing introverts.

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#5 They Don’t Like Phone Calls

They prefer to text, because any lulls in conversation are avoided. You know the ones. The conversation you’re having hits a natural pause because one subject has run its course, and there’s no pressing topic to immediately jump into… Awkward.

There’s something about phone calls that make them impossible for most introverts as it is. But in real life, in person, outgoing introverts are capable of rich, deep and engaging conversation.

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