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Things Guys Love About Girls

There is a lot going on in a guy's mind beneath the surface, some of which he doesn't even realize. It's time to understand what they love about women, aside from the obvious.

Displaying Femininity

That’s right, women live in a world that will often ridicule what women like. As if it doesn’t matter too much, or shouldn’t be taken seriously, because it’s just something that women like. And yet… studies show that displaying femininity is one of the most powerful things women can do.

Here’s why: straight, red-blooded males can’t help the fact that they are naturally programmed to be attracted to femininity. They see it, they’re single, they notice the girl is cute, and they can’t help but keep glancing, or outright staring.

See, when a woman is secure in herself as a person, when she’s proud of being a woman in every sense of the word, she’s going to be both feminine and powerful. She knows she can be cute and girly, and still get everything she wants. In fact, she’ll get more, because of one reason: when you’re dominant and controlling, the guy has to be on the defense at all times.

But when you’re girly, he goes into protective mode, and suddenly he’s your biggest fan, your knight in shining armor, etc. When he messes up, he feels extra bad, because he hurt this cute girl that’s super amazing! And that guilt is the kind that makes men want to genuinely change their actions for the better.

So, go ahead. Wear pastel colors, smile more, and run your fingers through your hair. Wear those high heels, the skirts, and the figure-hugging tops. Embrace womanhood, and he’ll chase you forever.

Being Playful

There’s nothing that kills a good time, romance, or just a nice sunny day, like a grouchy woman. Think back to a time when you hung out with a friend who could not stop being annoyed by everything around her. Maybe she’d been stressed out from work, and her husband’s unwillingness to clean up the house, and you had to hear about it all day.

Men do this too, but only to a degree. Most men will open up in a brief way, a few short minutes of venting, really, before focusing their attention on other things instead.

That’s why being playful is so impactful. It doesn’t ruin a day, it actually elevates it to something better. A happy girl, who’s fun loving, and enjoys cracking jokes or busting a move for no reason is going to be a joy to be around. And it breaks everyone’s guard!

Melting Hearts With Expressions

When you roll your eyes because he’s acting like a silly idiot, when you laugh at his jokes, when you squint up at him all half asleep, or when you make eye contact when you talk to him, it all counts as using your expressions to their fullest. It brings a pretty face to life, because without those expressions, it’s just blank.

In other words, using your features to express how you’re feeling in that moment really does show charm and personality. And it’s what keeps people invested. It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else.

Smartie Pants

Contrary to popular belief, men generally want smart girls. When a man is insecure in his abilities as a man, when he’s insecure in himself as a person, that’s when he feels threatened by a smart woman. That’s when he will put obstacles in her way, and do whatever is in his power to bring her down or put a stop to her progress.

But when a man is really sure of himself, he is her biggest fan. He is there to encourage her, be proud of her, and really get to know her. He will put forth his effort to starting up conversations that she may find interesting. Topics of interests that showcase her personality and her knowledge on everything from pop culture to science, or politics to mutually shared hobbies.

And it makes sense: it’s easy to be pretty. It’s easy to put in effort into plucking your eyebrows, buying jeans that hugs your curves, and pairing them with heels. It’s simple, it’s logical. But it’s hard to hold a man’s attention with conversation. That’s why most men wind up married and being okay with just one woman: because once they find someone who is pretty and smart enough to keep them interested in the conversation, then she’s a keeper. She’s more than arm candy, she’s someone he can fall in love with.

Love Yourself

It sounds crazy simple, but guys love women who love themselves. And that’s actually the biggest trap of all time, because self-love is in crisis more often than not.

As the saying goes, we are our own worst critics. It’s easy to see a woman out and about and feel bad about our outfit choice by comparison. It’s easy to browse social media and feel like you can’t stack up.

And if you’ve recently gained some weight or developed some skin issues, then you have even more grounds for insecurity.

But the truth of the matter is that once you love yourself, you love yourself no matter what. Once you know who you are, what you’re all about, and what makes you so special, then there’s nothing that can break that love.

In other words, you need to love yourself for someone else to love you. Otherwise, you wind up being a ball of insecurity, always doubting, questioning, and accusing your partner about the tiniest of things. And that’s not a way to live. It’s the way to kill love quickly.

If you’re struggling with self-love, try a few of these tips: make it a mission to get fit and healthy so that you feel comfortable in your own skin, change up your style a little so that you can use fashion as it is intended (an fun expression of the self), try a new hairstyle or cut so you can wipe the slate clean, pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to explore, and meditate every so often so that you have an easier time thinking clearly.

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