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Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist

Does your romantic partner seem more than a little bit on the self-centered side? He or she may be a narcissist. Analyze these __ telltale signs of narcissism.

They think they are “all that.”

Narcissists think that they are better than other people. Their feelings of superiority cause them to reject other people and experiences that they feel are beneath them. To get the recognition they feel they deserve, they may brag about their accomplishments and exaggerate their skills.

In the worst cases, narcissists put others down and get defensive if anyone challenges their perception of reality.

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Not only do they toot their own horn, but they also expect tooting from you!

To toot your own horn is an idiom that means you brag about yourself and your achievements. Narcissists aren’t content to promote themselves; they crave constant attention and validation from others. They need to be told that For example, your partner may be a narcissist if he or she regularly posts every aspect of the day and expects others to offer positive comments. If he doesn’t get enough likes, he feels let down and bitter.

They think everything is a competition.

Unfortunately, the praise and commendation is a narcissist’s relationship is one-sided because it doesn’t even occur to them that they should compliment others too. In fact, instead of seeing their partner’s qualities and achievements as positives, they may actually be jealous. Your success may threaten them so they tend to ignore, minimize, or even criticize your accomplishments.

They aren’t grateful because they think they deserve it all.

When someone bends over to do something for you, you probably gush with thanks. Narcissists may say thank you, but they are not overcome with emotion because they think they received no more than what they deserved. A narcissist wants things his or her way. If you don’t give them what they want, prepare for the silent treatment or worse!

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They don’t understand you (and they feel like you don’t understand them.)

Since narcissists think about themselves so much, they have a hard time identifying with the needs and feelings of others. In their perception of the world, others exist to serve them. That’s why they might ask you to get up at 2 a.m. to take them the airport or give them your last $20 without understanding that this might be slightly inconvenient to you. Usually, they aren’t intentionally trying to take advantage of you, they just don’t understand that the whole world doesn’t revolve around them.

There’s no shame in their game.

If you exploit someone, your conscience may bother you later. If you lie or manipulate people, you may regret it when you think about how their feelings must have been hurt. Narcissists will suffer no such feelings of shame or guilt. They don’t know how to empathize, so they will carry on oblivious to how their words and actions affect others. If you try to explain matters, they probably will never get it and you will just end up frustrated.

Does your partner possess several, or even all, of these six signs? He or she is more than a little self-centered, you have a real narcissist on your hands. The good news is that there is psychological treatment available for those with a narcissistic personality, but the narcissist will need to be willing to change. Being blind to their own faults and being overly sensitive to criticism is part of the disorder, so plan your moves carefully if you decide to confront your partner about treatment options! On the other hand, you may decide to just live with it. After all, love covers a multitude of sins!

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