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Signs That You Are Falling In Love

Wondering if what you're feeling is love, or not? Then it's time to figure that out, right away. No more questioning or doubting what you feel after this!

You Can’t Stop Thinking About This Person

That’s right, it’s like there’s a new filter, only instead of staying in social media, it’s fallen on your real, physical life. Everything you see is through a lens that constantly brings this person up. You see a burger on the counter, you imagine sharing some fast food with your crush. You see a pretty garden on the way home from work, and you imagine what it would be like to have your crush walk home with you.

In other words, everything reminds you of your crush, even completely mundane, unrelated, seemingly innocent things. It could be anything!

And even when you’re busy doing something like working, you’re still daydreaming. Your mind refuses to stop it, getting a rush of dopamine each time thoughts of them spring up.

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Everytime You See Them, You Stress Over Your Looks

Every single time you bump into your crush, you wonder if your hair is out of place. If you’re a girl, you worry if your makeup is blended enough, or out of place. If you’re a guy, you wonder if your outfit is too scrubby, or if your beard looks too wiry.

And if you think that’s bad, imagine what it’s like when you know you’ll see them in advance. Maybe you work together, so every morning is just a mess of what to wear. You do double and triple checks in the mirror!

You Have Trouble Relaxing And Acting Natural

This is a tough one, because on one hand you want this person to see you and fall for you based on who you really are. You want to be seen! But you get so nervous that you wind up acting… aloof, or even rather disinterested. You can’t seem to be your authentic self!

It’s a hard side effect to swallow, but when you’re really interested in someone, sometimes nervousness gets the better of you. And at that time, you’re pretty… locked in on being that weird person. The only saving grace is when you can find a new setting, maybe a friend’s party for instance. A change in scenery may just be what you need, especially if it’s filled with people you know. It’s easy to be yourself in a situation like this.

You Get Super Happy When You Get Complimented By This Person

Maybe you’re wearing a new shirt, and it just so happens you chose it because you wanted to impress. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, you feel super confident in it because it looks like it was made for you. So when you walked into the room, and your crush immediately noticed and complimented your style, you got super happy.

Your plan worked. It got the job done. You were noticed, complemented, and hopefully even checked out. This is good! Maybe this means that as long as you keep wearing things that make you feel good about yourself, you’ll keep impressing this crush enough to merit getting their attention in a more romantic way...

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You Talk to Your Friends About This Person

Each time you text, call, or visit a friend, the conversation turns to this person. Either your friend brings up your crush, or you do because you can’t help but share the latest developments and get some fresh, third-person insight.

And you know what? You get such a thrill from it. It makes you feel alive! Because it feels extra special to you. Suddenly, you’re not just interacting with your crush, trying to read between the lines, you’re also dissecting events with a trusted friend.

You’re Doing Small Things For Them

If you and your love interest are actually soft dating, maybe going on dates here and there, or actually seriously dating, then… things are getting serious at this point. Up until now, we’ve covered the early onset of puppy love. But now… It’s all about doing small things for this person.

And that’s more serious than it seems. When you brew coffee in the morning for this person, or you get them a greeting card for no reason, or you show up unexpectedly with some delicious takeout, you’re doing something super nice for them. For absolutely no reason other than to do something nice. It’s selfless, and it’s loving.

You’re Trying to Improve On Yourself

Now, let’s be the first to point out that you should never change for someone else’s sake. They should know who you are, and fall for you anyway. They should be aware of your talents and your flaws. What they see is what they sign up for, so to speak.

However, when it comes to self-improvement, it’s okay to willingly want to improve certain aspects about yourself as a person. Doing so allows you to grow, and get better with time. Everyone is allowed to do this, and should do this continuously.

And if you’re inspired by the person you’re soft dating, that’s not an issue either. If anything, it’s a sign that this person is making you take a hard look at yourself, and is making you see your full potential. The only time this is toxic is if they are putting it in your head that you need to change. If this is all you, not their decision or thought process, you’re in the clear.

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You’re Becoming A Better Communicator

Being in a relationship means having to communicate. A lot. We’re talking several times a day, every single day. You’re talking about serious things, silly things, and everything in between. And that means… you’re getting a lot of practice in.

That means that even if you’re not an item yet, say you’re just getting to know each other and things have been getting more and more serious lately… Well, you’re falling in love. Because you’re hellbent on becoming a better communicator so that things keep going smoothly with you two. Anytime you’ve fumbled your words, you’ve stopped in your tracks and tried again. That’s love in the making, if you ask us!

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