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Signs He Secretly Likes You

Wondering if he likes you? Not sure if there's more to it, or if you're just imagining things? Well, signals can get quite messy in translation. Here are some surefire signs you can't get wrong.

He Asks Questions

Here’s the thing, when a guy doesn’t like you, he talks to you normally. Like any other guy. And that usually means he’ll ask you some questions here and there, when it makes sense in the conversation. Otherwise, not really.

But when he likes you, he’s going to ask you many more questions, because he is legitimately curious. He wants to get to know more about you. He wants to know as much as he can, because you’re new and he finds the whole thing exhilarating.

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He Seeks You Out

You know how when you like a guy, you go out of your way to show up in places that you know he frequents? For instance, maybe he’s a friend of a friend and you know they hang out a lot. So, next time your friend is hosting a gettogether, you show up, because you know that guy will be there.

Well, guys do the same thing. In fact, they really show up and walk right up to you, and then act surprised at bumping into you again.

Slight Changes In Behavior When You’re Nearby

It’s completely involuntary, but men really do change their behavior when you’re nearby. It could be he gets more talkative, because he wants to seem interesting and hopes that you’ll join his conversation with someone. Or it could be that he becomes quiet, because you make him nervous.

Some men even go as far as trying to show off because of their proximity to women they find attractive. And depending on what they do to show off, it could be a disaster, or not.

He Remembers Details

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t remember every detail that we’re told. We could be speaking to a close friend, and somehow just glaze over some details. And there’s no particular reason why we do it other than we’re typically just distracted when we talk to most people. We focus on our phones, we think about several different things at a time during a conversation, we take in our surroundings, etc.

But when a guy likes you, he doesn’t have this issue. He will pay close attention, ask you questions, and then remember details. Next time he speaks to you, he’ll ask how things went. He’ll even surprise you by sharing his opinion on something you assumed he’d forget you mentioned.

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A Massive Smile

There’s smiling, and then there’s smiling. When a guy likes you, he cannot and will not stop smiling at you like you’re the best sight to behold. It’s a smile that says “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” And he can’t help but do it, even if he tries to stop himself.

Frankly, it’s adorable, because it will make him seem like he’s full of youthful feelings of affection and potential love. And it’s contagious, because you’ll likely find yourself doing the same thing toward him sooner than later.

More Eye Contact Than Normal

Men and women have very different ways of communicating. For example, men find face to face conversations confrontational. When men and women talk, men have to remind themselves to face them, because women only feel heard and respected when they’re being faced and made eye contact with.

Another difference is that men typically look around a room, and maybe glance over at whomever they’re talking to. They’ll make eye contact sporadically, but very briefly.

But when he likes you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you. He’ll make much more eye contact, not in a creepy way though, no worries. If anything, think of it more like talking to another woman. When two women hold a conversation, there’s plenty of eye contact, because that’s how you show your investment in the topic.


That’s right, involuntary movement of the hands, feet, even the legs. Think hand drumming on his leg, lightly shaking his feet, or moving one leg up and down like he’s waiting for something. It’s totally out of his control, in fact, he may not even realize he’s doing it.

Most women assume that when someone, anyone, is doing this, they’re impatient. But it’s all about context. If there’s no waiting involved, no waiting room to be had at all, then the fidgeting isn’t out of impatience. It’s because you make him nervous!

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Criss-Crossing Legs

Think of this as a guy crossing his legs one way, and then crossing them the other way a few short minutes later. When men do this, they’re often nervous. If you’re around and you suspect he has feelings, this may be a good sign to look out for.

Another factor to this is that if he’s speaking to you and criss-crossing his legs, then he’s also probably invested in the conversation. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it, but he’s showing his enthusiasm for the topic by essentially shifting his legs around.

He Gets Your Opinion On Things

Normally guys don’t quite care about other people’s opinions. If they do, it doesn’t… influence them to do or not do something that they want to. That’s the thing about men: they have an easy time being very stubborn and uninfluenced by others.

So when he takes the time to get your opinion on something, that’s noteworthy. He values you enough to hear you out on something that he’s either thinking of doing, or has already done. He’s essentially taking whatever you have to say into consideration.

Compliments You A Lot

Men don’t just go around complimenting people for no reason. Women have a far easier time doing that than men do.

But when a man compliments a woman, and even does it often enough to be… during most conversations with her, then that’s a signal.

It means he’s paying attention, he’s looking, he’s analyzing. He’s letting her know that he sees her and that she is impressing him with her actions, words, intellect, or even just her looks. Hey, it counts, it’s still an aspect that matters!

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