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Signs Boyfriend Is Lying

We don’t need a liar to complicate things but how can we tell if he's lying or just being weird? Women are naturally intuitive; with a few tips, it won’t take long to get to the bottom of things.

Behavior Changes

By the time you suspect your mate is lying, you will have established a baseline of normal behavior for him. Using this as a guide, you can easily spot the moments when his behavior deviates from the normal. These changes could indict that he is lying and trying hard to hide it or battle his inner conflicted emotions while stressing out that you might catch him.

Eye Contact

If he is suddenly looking away (or up to the right) instead of making eye contact, he could be lying and trying to think up a good response to your questions. Furthermore, if he is making steady eye contact but not blinking a lot and his pupils are dilated, he could still be lying. Too much or too little eye contact can be an indicator that something is up with him.

Body Language

If in the middle of your conversation you man says something and leans away from you just slightly, you might want to double-check what he said because he could be lying to you and trying to create psychological space between you and the lie he just told. All unconsciously of course; he isn’t aware of the fact that his body language is giving him away.

Your Friends Have Your Back

If your friends, relatives or mutual friends are all telling you that your boyfriend is a liar, you should take a moment and hear them out. They know how important he is to you and the decision to risk your relationship with them was very carefully weighed before they decided to tell you that your boyfriend tells fibs. They wouldn’t waste your time or risk the friendship if they weren’t sure of their facts.

He Accuses You Of Lying

Yes, in the middle of the conversation or the beginning or the endin fact, at any point, he will just come right out and accuse you of being the liar in the relationship. This can be because he genuinely thinks you lie to him, or that everyone thinks and operates the exact same way he does (which is to lie). He could also be trying to pick a fight to distract you from his real crimes.

Watch His Hands

His hands, similar to the rest of his body, can be dead giveaways of his honesty or dishonesty. When a man feels threatened or is on the defensive about something, he will start pointing and using his hands to gesture more than normally. He might also touch his mouth a lot when he lies. It is a subconscious effort to distance himself from the falsehood.

Words Vs. Actions

If he says one thing with all the right intentions of following through, but then his actions completely fall flat or say the oppositehe’s probably lying. It might not start out that way, but eventually, if he does enough times, he will prove that he can’t be trusted.

The Explanation

Or lack thereof. If your man decides that your question needs a really long winding explanation that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but has lots of little details in it, he might be lying to you. The same could be true of the man who doesn’t give you any details and barely explains anything in response to your questions. Too many details and not enough details are suspicious.

On The Defensive

That’s right, if his go-to response to innocent questions like, “What time are you coming home?” Or “How was your weekend?” then he is most likely hiding something from you and is stressing out over the idea of you finding out the truth and getting mad at him.

Evasive Maneuvers

If your man nopes right out of the discussion and literally leaves the room, he is likely trying to avoid a confrontation and can’t think up a good excuse for his behavior. Or he is feeling too guilty to think clearly and can’t find it in himself to get angry enough to handle the conversation, so he just panics and leaves.

Inconsistent Details

Let’s say that your man tells you a long exciting story about something that he did at some point in his life or about something he did this week. It is all good and things are great till you get together with friends later and he tells the same story again, except that some of the details are different now. This could be a sign that he is lying and the story is completely made up.

Suddenly Becomes Controlling

If your man suddenly starts controlling aspects of your life like who you talk to or you go, he could be trying to keep you from finding out something he said or did that will jeopardize your relationship or at least, make you very mad at him.

Moves Too Fast

You have been coasting along at a comfortable pace in your relationship and feel that things are going good. But now he is in a hurry to move onto the next phase in your relationship but won’t give a clear reason why. He is probably hoping that if you move in with him or marry him, it will be too late for you to leave when you find out the truth of whatever it is he is hiding from you.

The Blame Game

When you go to confront him with your suspicions of his lack of honesty, he might respond by accusing you of being the liar in the relationship and laying all the blame for his problems (that he caused himself, of course) at your feet. If he can’t own up to his honest mistakes, he will never admit to his dishonest ones.

He Lies In Front Of You

If he can lie to someone in front of you, then be wary because he will lie to you too at some point. Or at least, he will try really hard. You’re too smart to fall for his tricks now.

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