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Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

Men can be hard to understand. How can you be sure that a man is falling in love with you? Examine these universal signs of love, and decide for yourself!

Did you know that science has discovered that men who are falling in love show some universal signs? Of course, not every man is the same, but if you see several of these significant factors in your love interest, you can be confident that he is developing strong feelings for you!

His Speech

Compliments are obvious signs that he likes you, but you can tell that he is falling in love with you when he begins to compliment you differently. Men are visual, so it’s not a big deal for them to compliment your beauty, your figure, or your sense of style. However, an adoring man will value your intelligence, your sense of humor, and your talents and even your weaknesses!

Another not-so-obvious indicator of love is when a man remembers something you said and brings it up in another conversation. First of all, that means he was listening when you were talking, and he finds you important enough to remember the details of what you say. How he reiterates it is revealing too—teasing, inside jokes establish intimacy and advice shows that he wants to take care of you. On the other hand, if he uses the information as an attack, he's not feeling love in his heart.

His Body Language

Once again, let’s start with the most obvious signal: A smile! If he lights up when you enter the room, he’s probably falling into your spell. The smile does need to be genuine, though, to indicate interest. If it’s forced or fake, he may be going in the direction opposite of love. Smitten men often catch the eyes of their romantic partner when they smile, and they may even accompany the smile with a cheeky little wink.

According to Wellesley College and Kansas University, men tend to look at your upper body, especially your face when they like you. If he tends to focus on other areas of your body, his interest may be purely physical. Other studies reveal that men mirror actions, stretch their torsos, and lean in the direction of the one they love. By way of contrast, if they cross their arms across their chest or turn their body away from someone, it usually means they are not that into their partner.

His Actions

Besides being visual, men are very physical. Touching, even in a sexual way, may not reveal much about his intentions. As with a compliment, the most telling type of touch is non-sexual. He may want to hold hands, stroke your hair, or kiss your forehead. These types of gestures show affection and respect. Men often touch in a way that seems accidental to the untrained eye. But if he puts his hand on your back to navigate you through a crowd or bumps legs with you in the car, it may be a well-planned touch designed to see if you return his feelings.

A popular song on the radio describes a man falling in love with a woman the same night he holds back her hair as she vomits. How gross, right? Well, The University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that this occurrence is not as far-fetched as it may sound: Sexual arousal trumps feelings of disgust. So, if he isn’t turned entirely off by your farting or if he helps pop the pimple on your back, you may have found a keeper!

Does your man demonstrate any of these universal manifestations of love? If you found several of them present in his speech, behavior, and body language, the love bug bit him! If not, there’s no need for dismay. If you keep reeling him in with your quirky personality and winning attitude, you may see some of these signs popping up soon!

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