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Reading Male Body Language

Wondering how to read male body language? There's a lot to pick up on, but this guide is sure to help simplify things a lot more. Ready, set, and let's go!

Pointing At Who They Are Interested In

No, not finger pointing. Studies have shown that men will point their toes toward the person they are most interested in. That means when you’re at a coffee shop and you’re with your partner, chances are super high that his toes are pointing at you. Even if he’s on his phone texting or reading news, his toes are in your direction, absentmindedly.

And if you’re not there with him? What if he’s out alone? Then his toes are pointed toward the door. Isn’t that sweet?

His Posture Tells You Almost Everything

If he finds you attractive, he’ll sit near you, as in beside you if he can. If he is interested in what you’re saying, he’ll lean in to talk.

But if he’s leaning to the side in his chair, or his head is resting on his hand, then he’s bored. If he seems distracted, that’s not a good sign too. It means you’re not keeping his attention.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, he could be super tired after a long night, or a brutal work week. And that will have an impact on his mood, and his level of attention. If you’ve been arguing a lot, that will also impact things.

The trick here is that one-off situations where there’s a clear explanation for the posture and lack of interest are fine. But if it’s every single time like clockwork… it’s just not going to work out.

Pay Attention to His Eyes

Men and women communicate very differently. When two men are talking, they usually don’t do so face to face because it’s confrontational. Too much eye contact between men, face to face interaction, it’s actually quite… aggressive behavior.

No, that’s just reserved for when they’re speaking to women, because they know that women consider eye contact and face to face interaction the norm. Whenever a woman speaks to someone, anyone, regardless of gender, they expect to be paid attention to. When that doesn’t happen, they feel… unheard, and maybe even unappreciated.

And that means several things. Knowing what they know, if a man is staring at you here and there, he’s probably attracted to you. He’ll do that to other men as well, if he’s not straight. And when you speak, he’ll make eye contact. Even if his gaze deviates from time to time, he’ll always come right back to your eyes.

If a man is paying more attention to his phone than to you, then he’s not really caring about a word you say. And that’s usually a sign of him being uninterested.

Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, men with ADHD will find it hard to focus and communicate effectively if they’re focused on something already. This is because it takes them a long time to focus, so when they finally are able to, they take full advantage of that. Any breaking from that focus can result in the task not being completed at all.

Smiling Equals Happiness

If he’s smiling every so often while talking, then he’s happy to be around you. No brainer, right? He’s not likely going to hide his happiness, so he’s going to keep on smiling.

It doesn’t even need to be an ear to ear grin either. It can be something as simple as a smile here and there, even just randomly throughout an evening. If he’s not smiling about a memory, or a joke he tells, or something particularly funny that you’re saying, then he’s smiling out of sheer happiness of being there with you.

Where His Body Is Facing

Next time a man sits next to you, take note at a few things. For starters, how does he cross his legs? If he crosses them in a way that’s away from you, then his body is instinctively trying to create distance between you two.

Furthermore, if he turns his torso and upper body away from you, then it could also be that he’s not interested.

It goes back to the whole toe pointing thing: absentmindedly, male bodies just point in the direction of the person they find the most interesting in the room. And if they’re with their partners, and they’re loyal men, then their bodies will always be facing the man or woman they’re with.

Major Red Flags

Here’s the thing: every so often you’ll come across a creep. And this guy is easy to spot because he’s going to be aggressive in his approach. This is the guy who continuously tries to touch you in a sexual way. He’s the guy who gets physically close way too soon. The one who doesn’t take a hint, even when you blatantly say “no.”

This is when you need to call a friend, or have someone at the restaurant call you a ride out of the place. Always trust your gut.

Hand Gestures

Finally, take a look at a guy’s hands. If he’s talking, he likely isn’t using many hand gestures, because it’s something women tend to do. But assuming he uses some, open palms are a sign of trustworthiness. Whatever he’s saying is true. If he’s hiding them, as in facing his palms inward or closing his hands, then he’s being defensive, trying to win an argument, or becoming aggressive.

Now, if he’s touching his hands during a conversation, then he’s either anxious, or dishonest. In things like gambling it’s actually called a tell, and it’s used when someone is bluffing. But men will also do this in high anxiety situations, like right before an important job interview. Context is everything.

And what about fidgeting? When he’s moving his hands around, maybe drumming on his legs or a table, then he’s bored, or impatient. For instance, if he’s waiting for an important phone call, he may move his hands because he’s impatient. But if he’s out on a date, and he keeps drumming on his legs, then he’s likely just bored. That’s a yikes moment now that you really know!

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