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Reading Female Body Language

With a little bit of practice and a handy cheat sheet, you can up your body language game and learn to not only read her cues but to also communicate with her in the same language.

Establish A Baseline

First and foremost, you need to be able to distinguish between a woman’s normal body language and when she is flirting or otherwise communicating with you with heightened body language. This is where you establish a baseline. If the woman is a naturally touchy person, her baseline will be to touch everyone the same way (usually on the hand or arm). When she deviates from this established pattern and touches you on the shoulder or chest or sustains the contact longer than she does with everyone else, she is signaling that she likes you. This will take a little practice with observation but you will get the hang of it soon enough.

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Signs Of Discomfort

When dating, it is important to be able to distinguish between happy comfortable signs and signs of distress. Your date needs to be able to trust you and like you if you want this to proceed further. Some of the subtle cues she may be sending that she isn’t comfortable or doesn’t like you are avoiding direct eye contact, leaning away, not smiling, crossing her arms in front of her and angling her body away from you. She also won’t stand in front of you, rather more to the side. You can cut your losses and move onto someone else or you could back up a step or two and give her a chance to relax and try again.

The Freeze Up

Another subtle sign of discomfort or distress is when she suddenly freezes up. If her feet were playfully tapping under the table and you said something that startled or upset her, her feet will freeze. Or perhaps she was leaning toward you, twirling her hair and you touched her knee. She froze, read the situation in a split second and dropped her hair, leaning back a little but continuing the conversation. At that point, back up a step and let her know she is safe with you before trying again.

Dropping Barriers

A woman will unconsciously place barriers up to create space between you and her if she is uncomfortable. On the flip side, if she likes you she will remove those same barriers to indict that she feels safe and comfortable around you. These barriers might range from cross arms, holding her purse or a book in front of her to moving her water glass in front of the two of you during dinner and crossing her legs, angling the knee away from you.

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Flirtatious Body Language

Flirty cues are mainly what a guy is interested in when it comes to a woman’s body language. There are a few unconscious and conscious cues she will use to flirt with you and most are a classic move for a reason. The majority of men don’t pick up on the more subtle cue of eye-contact so she moves onto a few other cues in her arsenal. She will still attempt eye-contact with you but she will nix it with a little twirl of her hair or maybe a touch to her neck. She’ll lean toward you and lower her eye lids while raising her eyebrowsindicting pleasure. And of course, she will smile at you. Some women will also glance at you side-ways or look at you over her shoulder to create a nice profile view that is presumably attractive.

Submissive And Assertive

Depending on the woman and the cues she is picking up from you, she might decide to send you submissive or assertive cues. Some men prefer submissive cues as it triggers their brains to view the woman as weak and in need of protection. Other men like a confident and assertive woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Because women are so good at reading body language, she will unconsciously display one or the other. Submissive might include a limp wrist or exposing the inside of her wrist while assertive could be standing with her feet spaced further apart than usual.

All About The Approach

How you approach a woman is also important. If you see a nice woman at the bar and walk to her from behind, this will put her on her guard and taint the positive impression you were hoping to create. Definitely don’t use this approach combined with putting your hand on her shoulder. It won’t go over well. Instead, approach from an angle to one side and smile. Make eye contact and offer to buy her a drink or some French fries. Women like a man who buys them food.

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Louder Cues

Up till now, most of her body language cues have been on the subtle side. If she really likes you, wants your attention and is ready to progress thingsher cues might become a bit bolder. If she is sitting down, she might let one foot slide to the floor or dangle from one toe. If she is standing, she might draw attention to her hips by placing one or both hands on them. She might hike one hip out, place a hand on it or lean against a table while talking to you. And if she is walking toward you, she will unconsciously slip into the runway model walk to make sure you are paying attention to her body. And she also might arch her back to get your attention from a distance as this position emphasizes her curves.

Lip Action

Women use their lips unconsciously to attract you. This is because they are proportional to a different set of lips she has and because she wants you to kiss her. She will wear red lipstick, suck on a straw or perhaps a strawberry just a little longer than necessary, lick her lips and pucker her lips ever so slightly. She also might lean forward and frame her face with her hands to indict her interest in you.

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