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Love Tips To Impress A Boy

If you want to get the attention of the boy you like, you are going to have to impress him when you are around him. But how? These love tips won't let you down!

Literally and figuratively, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. If you want to stand out from others, you will need to get the attention of the boy you like. Let’s look at some love tips that are sure to impress your guy.

Impress Yourself

“I hate the way I look. I’m always doing stupid things.” Have you ever said any of these things to yourself? Whether you are a fan of negative self-talk or you genuinely hate yourself doesn’t matter. To impress a guy, you need to impress yourself. You should identify and acknowledge your positive qualities. If you don’t like something about yourself, work on changing it. Guys like girls who like themselves.

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Demand Respect

Even good guys can unintentionally be disrespectful to women if they haven’t been taught how to treat women by their parents. As a woman, you need to set the standard early of how you expect to be treated. First, respect yourself. You show respect to yourself by taking care of your health, appearance, actions, and speech. Second, don’t accept bad behavior. For example, perhaps you want your guy to be monogamous. Let him know if he cheats, he’s out the door. Or, maybe you don’t like him calling you late at night. Just don’t answer the phone! He’ll get the hint.

Be Yourself

So many people pretend to be someone they aren’t to impress others. In the end, they end up having to put on an act indefinitely or being rejected when their insincerity comes out. If you hate basketball and he’s the star power forward, that doesn’t mean that he won’t like you. In fact, he might appreciate your honesty. Ultimately, you want him to like you for you!

Take an Interest

Being yourself doesn't mean being self-centered. While maintaining your own identity, it is still good to take an interest in the things he likes. Get to know him. What are his pet peeves? What activities does he enjoy? You might find a way to support the things that are important for him in your own realm of interest. In other words, maybe you won’t play basketball with him, but you will cheer him on at the games. Or if you’d rather not watch the playoffs, you can show him you care by preparing his favorite snack, snuggling up close, and reading a book while he enjoys the sports action on television.

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Be Social

If you are friends on social media, you can impress him without saying a word. Of course, start by staging a profile picture that shows you at your best, including your outfit, shoes, hair, nails, and whatever else makes your confident, sexy smile come out. Regularly post pictures of yourself and your friends doing cool things. Take beautiful shots or post videos of yourself showing off your talents, such as singing, dancing, or drawing. If you hang out with him, tag him when you upload the picture so he can reminisce on the good times you had together. When he sees how cool you are, he will be sliding into the DMs before you know it!

Make Conversation a Carnival

When he finally does strike up a conversation, make sure it’s an event he won’t soon forget. Make him laugh, ask some thought-provoking questions, and give him a compliment or two. If he enjoys talking to you, he will be looking forward to the next time you talk.

Bet you if you were snorkeling in the ocean, you would take notice if a shark or a whale swam your way! Stand out from all the other fish in the ocean, so to speak, by getting the attention of your guy. Which of these love tips will you test out today? All of them are sure to impress!

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