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Looking Younger Than Your Age

Wondering how you can look younger than your real age? We have the tips you need to trick everyone around you, even those who already know your age! Let's do this.

Wearing Clothes That Fit

That’s right, it’s as simple as making sure that your clothes actually fit your body type. Sizing doesn’t matter much when there’s different styles. For example, maybe you’re a size 6, and you assume that as long as you keep buying that size, you’re golden.


There are multiple fits. Maybe it’s jeans, and there’s a skinny style, a boot cut style, a flared one, etc. Every fit will fit your body completely different. There’s women who are curvy, and are a size 6. There’s some who aren’t curvy at all, but are still size 6. So, you have to find what works for you specifically.

As a reminder, different stores have different sizing and fits. A size 2 may fit a size 0 in some stores, or suddenly jump to a 6 in others. Beware of blind buying, always try stuff on!

Aiming For Classy Rather Than Trendy

Trends come and go quickly. Fanny packs came back in style in 2018, but when was the last time you saw anyone wearing it these days? Exactly! Don’t fall for the trap, it’s just a waste of time, effort, and money.

Plus, it ages you. Trends are for teenagers and celebrities who have to try desperately to stay relevant before their 15 minutes are up and they’re eclipsed by new artists.

Instead, aim for classy. We’re talking solid colored nails, without any prints or designs. We’re talking a nice, nude lip color rather than a bold one. And we’re totally saying you should leave the instantly recognizable teen brand jeans at home. Or better yet, in the dumpster. Past the age of 30, all of your pants and jeans should have design-free back pockets. If they don’t, then you’ve overstayed your welcome in stores meant for younger people.

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Changing Up Your Hair Color

If your hair is too dark for you skin tone, it washes you out, making you seem older than you really are. If your hair is too light, and you’re already on the pale side, then you’re only going to wash yourself out more too, ironically enough.

Meanwhile, if you ensure that there’s some level of difference there, you’re actually just fine. For example, caramel highlights in brown hair add variety and youth. If you’re golden tan skin toned, then super dark hair is something that adds contrast, and therefore, youth. It looks natural.

In other words, the key to youthful hair color is contrast. It has to go with your skin tone, rather than work against it. Contrast doesn’t mean clashing! It needs to look as natural as possible, while still offering a level of interest. It could be as simple as going one shade lighter, using some smoothing and shine serum, or even adding a touch of sun with some highlights.

Opting For Texture Rather Than Pin Straight

Straight hair is fine when you’re 18 and you don’t know what on earth to do with your hair. You rely on your flat iron like your life depends on it, because otherwise, you’re destined to have poofy, frizzy, ugly-looking hair. Or so you think!

As you get older, you figure out your hair type, what works for you, which products to rely on, and what styling techniques to trust. And you start to experiment with different looks.

So, suffice it to say that when an older woman walks around with super straight hair, unless it’s 100% naturally straight, it ages her by quite a bit. Nothing adds some youth and bounce to you like some waves or curls framing your face. Even a little texture goes a long way. It may not seem like much, especially since we’re essentially telling you to spend less time styling your hair, but it really does a world of wonder.

Now, if your hair is naturally super straight, don’t worry about it. We’re talking about women who refuse to put down flat irons. Still, if you choose to go for some texture, try spritzing sugar spray on your hair, from mid-length down to the ends. Then wrap it in a braid overnight. By morning, your hair will have more texture!

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Scrutinizing Your Makeup

Really criticize it. Is it too heavy? Do you blend it enough? Are you using way too much concealer? How about your eyeshadow, is it too bright for your face? And that bold lip color you always use, is it… just too much?

These are very important questions to be asking. Sure, makeup is all about expression and experimentation, but at the end of the day, it should still be flattering. If it’s not, it’s time to wipe it off and try something else.

Things that age you the most are unblended makeup that cakes onto your face, highlighting any fine lines and wrinkles. Or cheap makeup that makes your pores look a thousand times bigger than they really are. Lastly, overly clumpy lashes, because not only is it unsightly, it’s something we associate with teenagers who are still learning the ins and outs of makeup.

Changing Up Your Lifestyle

Diet and exercise, sleeping patterns and stress management. It all plays a role in how you look. Eating junk food and sleeping three hours a night is something you can probably get away with when you’re young, but it will catch up with you sooner than later. It will show in your mid or late 20’s and on. So, unless you want to look like a beaten up, old leather handbag, you should start incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Less processed, more wholesome. Sleep at least a minimum of six hours a night, and drink 8-12 glasses of water on a daily basis. Limit the alcohol to the weekends only, and try to settle for one to two drinks max.

Lastly, exercise. Even if it’s a walk in the park everyday, let it be something that gets you up and moving. It will keep your metabolism in check, making it harder to gain weight.

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