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Health Benefits Of Owning A Cat

If you are still on the fence about getting a cat or need a handy list to print out and share with your skeptical significant other, scroll down for all the health benefits of owning a cat.

Heart Healthy

If heart disease is a concern for you or runs in the family, then get a cat. Studies have shown that cats can reduce our stress levels which lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease by about 30%. We could all do with some stress-reduction in our lives right about now.

The Healing Purr

A cat’s purr is soothing and comforting but it also has some healing benefits to it. The human body responds to and heals to sounds between 20-140 HZ. A cat’s purr ranges from 18-35 HZ which suggests that a purring session can heal broken bones, torn tendons and muscles. If you are feeling sore after an intense workout, have a cuddle session with your cat.

Sleep Improvements

Cat owners especially women cat owners have reported sleeping better with a cat than with their partner or alone. Cats are smaller, warmer, don’t steal your blankets and tend to enjoy cuddling more than other people. They make great companions for the tired soul.


A study in the UK found that 90% of women think men who own cats are more attractive than dog owners or men without any pets. This is because they tended to be more responsible, quieter and respectful. Plus, cats in general are adorable so that profile picture featuring your furry companion is sure to be a win with the ladies.

Stress Reduction

Owning a cat means cuddling that cat at some point during the day. Cats are also generally low maintenance requiring the basics with infrequent attention from their human companions while dogs are very social and need lots of attention and walks. Cats are also more affordable than dogs which can reduce financial stress. Furthermore the sound of a cat’s purr produces calming chemicals in our bodies which reduce our stress levels even more.

Childhood Allergies

While it is too late for you, if you own a cat and have small children, the odds are good that your children will grow up to have fewer allergies from dandruff, dust and pollen to name a few. This is especially true if your children are exposed to the cat while infants under a year old and continue to grow up around cats.

Grief Counselors

If you have recently suffered a loss or are going through a break-up, the best person to turn to for comfort is your cat. Cats won’t ask questions or offer advice; they will simply sit with you and comfort you with their presence. Cat owners have been known to recover from their grief sooner than non-cat owners.

Perfect For Busy People

If you work six days a week and are constantly juggling work projects, a cat is the ideal pet for you. All they really need is food, water, shelter and a litter box (unless they discovered the great outdoors for their business). They don’t require hours of walks or playtime and they don’t demand your attention at all hours of the day like children and dogs do. Cats can keep themselves occupied and check in on you periodically which is much more user-friendly if you are a busy person.


Studies have shown that cat owners are quieter, calmer and more responsible. They are also less likely to manipulate you and are more honest than dog owners. Dog owners tend to be extroverts and enjoy being the life of the party. Cat owners and cats are calmer and more introverted. If a low energy low maintenance pet is your goal, then a cat is the way to go.

Good For Mental Health

Cats provide soothing and undemanding companionship to ease the pain of loneliness. Their purrs and quiet greetings can raise our serotonin and dopamine levels which reduce the risk of developing depression and overall, make us feel happier. They aren’t a magical cure-all but what they do cure is amazing.

Therapy Cats

While cats are not the go-to animal we think of when considering a therapy companion, they are still an excellent choice for some people. They provide emotional support in the role of an emotional support animal and they can be trained to detect seizures and alert others of an impending seizure. The science is still new behind therapy cats and the promise of more benefits are yet to come.

Confidence Boost

It is easy to win the affection of a dog dogs love everyone and are great companions in this regard. But there is something about earning the hard-won trust of a cat. Cats don’t like just anybody and they are slow to let you into their affections but once they do, they are intensely loyal companions. This can be a huge boost to your confidence level to know that your cat loves you and no one else.

Autism Patients

Children under five years of age with autism who have cats in the household are more likely to share their toys or food and comfort other children than autistic children who live in non-cat owning households. This is promising research for parents with young autistic children.

The Old Cat Lady

The classic picture of a crazy old cat lady has a new modern equivalent with some relevant social studies attached. Basically, women prefer cats as companions to men or other women. This is most likely due to the fact that cats are very undemanding and quiet creatures who are easy to live with.

Cat Videos

All those hours spent on YouTube watching cat videos can count as a health exercise now because a study of over 7,000 people found that after watching a funny cat video, the participants had higher focus and alertness levels with more positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions. Cat videos make you happier and more productive.

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