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Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Does the way you wear your hair really affect how young you look? You be the judge. Here are six age-erasing hairstyles suggested by the world's best stylists!

Famous French fashion icon Coco Chanel is credited with saying, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Would you like to look younger? Can something as simple as a hairstyle impact how old you look? Here are five age-erasing hairstyles that you can try today!

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Layered Styles

As people age, their hair may naturally begin to thin out. To combat the problem, and appear younger, you should visit an expert stylist who can cut your hair in layers. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a long, medium, or short style, layers visually plump up your hair and make it appear thicker. Layers also may remove weight from your scalp, which can slow the whole thinning process. Maintain your youthful new look with a volumizing shampoo and regular visits to the stylist for trims.

Any Style with Warm Highlights

Warm tones, such as gold, caramel, and copper, make you look young. According to an article on HuffPost, professional highlights accentuate the color of your eyes, make your face look slimmer, and emphasize bone structure. They can also compliment your haircut by creating depth and fullness. The highlight tone you select will depend on what color your hair is. There are also many techniques to explore. For example, balayage highlights are meant to mimic the natural effects of the sun on your hair, so a stylist using this method this method applies color in selected areas to look like you spent all day having fun on the beach!

Short Hairstyles

“Getting a significant chop could give individuals immediate and painless facelifts,” claims writer Linda White. What do you think? Short hair isn’t a magic bullet, but there is a good chance that any haircut will make you look younger. Why? Well, long hair, especially if it’s not well-maintained, can look faded and weary. It’s most likely to reveal all your flaws if you have split ends or dry, damaged sections. By way of contrast, short hair is usually healthier than long hair because the damaged bits have been cut off. Short hair brings the focal point of the viewer up to the jawline and highlights the eyes. Some people think short haircuts even affect the personality of the owner! Do you think people look more perky and confident when they have a nicely manicured short haircut?

Bob Styles

Bobs have been popular for decades for a reason! It doesn’t matter the length or grade of your hair. Almost everyone can find a suitable bob style because there are so many varieties to choose from. For example, there are curly bobs, blunt bobs, chunky bobs, asymmetrical bobs… the list goes on and on. Bobs bring out the best of strong jawlines and highlight cheekbones. An expert hairstylist can recommend the right style and length of bob for your face shape.

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Shiny Styles

If your hair is dull and tired, it will make you look dull and tired too. Shiny hair looks vibrant and young. So, whatever style you choose, make sure that you moisturize your hair on a regular basis and protect it from heat damage. Cut off frizzy, damaged split ends every six to eight weeks. If your hair isn’t naturally very shiny, you can add a shine serum as a finish when you style your hair.

Are you ready to change your life? If you want to look younger, it can be as easy as changing your hairstyle and developing a healthy hair routine. Don’t wait another minute; schedule an appointment with a professional hair stylist today to try one of these five age-reducing hairstyles!

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