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Habits Of Successful People

If we have the drive but are lacking in results, try borrowing some habits from the more successful people and consciously set about improving the game one day at a time.

Keep Up On The Buzz

Whatever your chosen field or industry is business, medical, politics, parenting, books, etc. keep up with it. Read new publications, track new data, check the trending articles or look up the newest anticipated releases. You want to know what is current in your industry, what will be on the market or social airwaves next and what is no longer popular. You want to know what your competitors are up to as well.

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent habit to get into. Not only can you use to record events to track and look back on, you can also use it to vent and plan the future. Write down what happened today, what you want to get done tomorrow, how much sleep you got, where you want to be in five years and how you plan to get there, what time your kids get out of school on Friday so you remember to pick them up and that you are out of milk. Write everything down and track it in neat little trackers if you are really into collecting months of personal data. A Bullet Journal is ideal for this type of journaling.

Take A Digital Break

Make it a regular habit, weekly and then eventually daily, to unplug all your devices for an hour or two and take a break. Use that new block of “free time” to reconnect with your family, exercise, mediate, take a shower and go for a walk, or read. Disconnecting allows us to reconnect to reality and center ourselves in the present.


While your mind is busily working, work your body too. Set out for a morning run before heading to the office, get up from the desk and take a stroll through the office (you can meet-and-greet employees much better this way), or do some yoga before bed to help you relax and sleep better. Some people like to go outside and take a walk while on the phone making important calls. Do what feels good and keeps your body fit.

Challenge Your Fears

If fear of fail is holding you back, challenge it. Put that big task you are dreading at the top of the to-do list and tackle it first. Go rock climbing and challenge yourself to go higher. Start out small and work your way up the big project if you have to but challenge it. Prove to yourself that you have what it takes to succeed and then boost your confidence by creating and looking back at the line of successes you’ve accomplished in the past.

Positive Network

Surround yourself with a positive networkbe it friends, family, close colleagues or even just your dog or cat. You need someone who will always have your back to cheer you on when the going gets tough and who will give you that last little push to keep going and succeed. And sometimes you just need someone there to help you unwind and relax after a hard day of working to achieve your goals.

Listen To Others

If you on a team or working with other people to accomplish a joint goal, seek out and listen to their input. They might have a different perspective on the problem or solution than you do. Listening to each other will also build team confidence and boost morale when the going gets tough. It will show the others that you really care about them and want everyone to succeed.

Organization Is Key

If you are spending 20 minutes a day looking for your keys, wallet and that list of things to do every day then that is 20 minutes a day you are wasting that you could be using to further yourself or your goals. Get organized and stay organized for optimal success rates. You will find it so much easier to know where everything is when you need it, how much of something you have so you don’t buy doubles or run out at a crucial time, and where to put everything when you are finished.

Everything Is Balance

To really succeed at life, you need to find balance. Whether it is the 80/20 junk food-health food rule or purposefully setting the weekend aside to focus on your family and their needs rather than work, life needs balance. Find the balance that suits your life, needs and goals and then set boundaries in place to keep everything balanced.

Keep A Gratitude List

Every morning list three things you are thankful for or every evening list five good things that happened during the day. However you want to tweak the list, do so and then stick with it. Over time, it will train you to think more positively and you find that you are a happier person despite whatever might be going wrong in your life. And on the dark days, you will have a record of past sunshine that promises future good days.


Take a look at your goals and the steps required to reach them and then reprioritize the list based on how many of those steps and goals will actually help you to become a better person and achieve the end goal. Get rid of unnecessary steps, distractions and tackle the higher priorities first.

Crack Open A Book

Set a time everyday to readwhether it is for pleasure to unwind or to further your chosen career path or to keep up with trends. You can also read to see what the competition is up to, read to stay current on world events and read to improve yourself in mental, physical or spiritual health. Read fitness and nutrition books, science, philosophy, magazine articles, news stories, biographies and memoirs. Read something that inspires you to keep going after that goal and never give up.

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