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Facts About Love At First Sight

Do you think love at first sight is real? And if so, do you know how it typically works? Read on to find out the whole truth about the matter, so you can determine whether you'll ever experience it!

You’re More Likely to Experience It With Attractive People

Call it a bias, but most love at first sight cases are experienced with attractive people. It makes sense biologically too, since human nature has evolved with reproduction in mind. Dating a beautiful person pretty much guarantees that your child will be attractive on some level, and therefore have an easier time in life, and have a higher chance of surviving in this world.

Unfortunately, it also increases chances of your child having a terrible personality, because studies show super gorgeous people tend to be dark and cunning.

As always, let’s remind ourselves that looks aren’t everything. Someone could fall for a physically attractive man instantly, and even date them for some time, but that won’t guarantee that the relationship will last. It is entirely possible for someone to only be gorgeous on the outside.

It’s Not Usually Mutual

Think back to all of those stalker cases you’ve ever heard of, or even experienced for yourself. Yes, it means love at first sight isn’t typically mutual. Shared instant love isn’t common at all. It’s more of an exception to the rule, that is already quite heavily debated because of its uncommon nature.

No, most of the time, one person will feel something, and the other will be oblivious, put off, or otherwise indifferent. Even if the infatuated person came up to them to spark a conversation, that perception/opinion wouldn’t change for the uninterested party.

Turns out, to build something like love, it takes time and patience. It takes getting to know someone. And that means that for most feeling love at first sight, it will be a grueling experience of either being shunned, or having to convince the uninterested party into falling in love. It’s not as good of a spot to be in, tragically enough. Talk about unrequited love! If you can even call it that, which brings us to the next point...

It’s Not Really Love

That’s right, it’s been proven! So the story goes that two people walking down the street could lock eyes for a second by accident, and boom, one of them, maybe (in super rare cases) both of them, fall in love.

But how the story really goes is that things known to reflect love, such as intimacy, commitment, and passion, are severely lacking during that accidental second of eye contact. No, only people in established relationships have that.

And there’s also one extra factor to consider: studies have shown that reports of love at first sight show a greater inclination to these emotions when compared to reports where love at first sight wasn’t a factor.

Translation: the feeling of love at first sight isn’t actually love. It just means that when you see someone and feel an extra sensation of lightness and interest, more so than any other time, it simply means you’re way more open to the possibility of building something intimate, committed, and passionate with that person.

Most people take some convincing. Most people find themselves interested based on some level of interaction, even just a short 5-minute conversation. There’s some discovery that goes on prior to determining any level of substantial interest in a potential relationship. But every so often some people may express that interest immediately, for whatever reason, without the need for that step.

But don’t fret: those in established, committed, and happy relationships don’t experience this, which goes to show that intent is key. If someone is intentionally going out with the expectation of potentially dating someone soon, they will be much more receptive to their surroundings, notice more attractive people, and place themselves in a position where “love” at first sight could happen.

A Lot of The Time, It’s Imagined

If you’ve ever spoken to a couple about how they first met, you’ve likely heard them claim it was love at first sight for at least one of them. Maybe they aren’t sure one minute, but then the next, they are adamant about how it actually was.

And maybe, just maybe, their partner suddenly chimes in, proclaiming the same thing. They also felt the same way instantly.

Well, that’s because the idea is fabricated once they’re in a relationship. Call it biased memories. It’s a product of watching too many romance movies, or reading love stories, or just… wanting to have something as romantic, pure, and loving, as that.

And as it turns out there’s nothing wrong with that. Couples who experienced this reported feeling more love and passion in their relationship for it. That joint, biased memory of how things really went down is something they cherish together, hence bringing them that much closer.

Furthermore, it just goes to show that men and women may have evolved with reproduction and survival of the species in mind, but ultimately, everyone is looking for love on some level. Everyone wants to connect and have a close bond with someone else, however that may look like.

Your Brain Will Decode Everything

Many times there are debates that love at first sight is really just lust. After all, you can’t really love someone whom you don’t actually know. You don’t even know their name!

Well, as it turns out, two very different things happen in the brain when lust and love are compared. Love gives you a desire to just be with that person. Only that person. Lust means you lust for that person, sure, but also others.

Studies routinely show that while areas of the brain light up similarly for both love and lust, there are key areas that are completely different. One of them, lust, is centered on getting a physical deed done. It’s an objective. With love, the goal is much more abstract, because it takes a lot to build a relationship.

More often than not, those who report feeling love at first sight will really feel lust, but because of their openness and receptiveness to new experiences, including love, they will confuse it with something much deeper than it is.

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