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Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

All of your dieting and exercise won't make any difference if it's your clothes that make you look fat! Let's talk about clothes that will flatter your figure and make you look thinner!

Would you like to look thinner? Your clothes may make all the difference! Let’s talk about how you need to dress if you want your figure to look slim.

Properly-Fitting Underwear is Important

Let’s start from the bottom layer. If your underwear doesn’t fit properly, you will not look smooth in your clothes. If your underwear fits too tightly, it will cut into you and produce unsightly bulges and visible panty lines. If it’s too loose, it will bunch up and look terrible. Women should consult a professional bra fitter to determine the right size of the bra band and cups. Men should consider whether boxers or briefs are appropriate depending on the outfit.

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Vertical Stripes

This advice has been around for ages. However, vertical stripes are not a magic solution. In fact, certain vertical stripe patterns can make you look fatter than horizontal stripes. What’s the trick? The key is to pay attention to how wide the stripes are. The wider the stripe, the less slimming it is. So, it’s best to have narrow, vertical stripes. If you have the choice between narrow horizontal stripes and wide vertical stripes, don’t automatically rule out the horizontal pattern. Try both outfits on, and you will probably discover that you look nicer in the narrowest stripes, especially across the widest areas of your body.


Is black really the most slimming color or is that just an old wives’ tale? There are two main reasons why it’s true. First, light helps our eyes detect changes in depth. To look slim, you don’t want your bulges and rolls to be easily discernible. So, removing the light, so to speak, by wearing black makes fat areas less evident. Second, eyes perceive dark objects as being slightly smaller than light objects of the same size. So, a medium-sized black top will look smaller than a medium-sized white top. One note of caution: Even though black is slimming, there is one significant con to wearing it. You may not want your breasts or butt, for example, to look smaller than they are, but black (and other dark colors) make things everything look a little smaller than it is. So, black is best on what you want to hide, not what you want to show off!

Tailored Items

For business wear, such as suits and blazers, a custom fit will give the perfect frame to your body. The tailor can modify garments to accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. If you can’t afford to alter everything you own, select a few key pieces to get professionally fixed and then shop for items that are of similar size and shape. Whatever you do, make sure that your clothes are not too tight or too loose. Both extremes will make you look chubby

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Cashmere, Cotton, and Jersey

Fabric choice is a little-known secret to looking slim. Heavy, bulky fabrics make you look like they do... Heavy and bulky! Jersey and cotton, on the other hand, are lightweight choices. But what about the wintertime? Are you supposed to just freeze? No, cashmere, denim, silk, and wool work well in cold weather. Cashmere comes from soft, warm goat’s wool. Silk is an all-climate material that regulates your body heat for hot or cold days. Both denim and wool add structure, along with keeping out the cold.

Besides diet and exercise, there’s another way to look thinner. Selecting the right clothes for your frame will make a huge difference in how slim you look. Therefore, take your time and make wise decisions the next time you go shopping for a new ensemble!

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