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Clothes That Make You Look Taller

Both men and women want to look taller. Looking taller makes one look formidable, intriguing, attractive and classy. So here are some tips for both genders to gain a few illusional inches.

The Monochrome Look

This is a look both genders can easily pull off. Using clothes you likely already have, create an even look that is smooth and draws the eye easily up and down without any breaks in the middle. An all-black ensemble is the go-to set-up for this look, but it can be achieved with other colors as long as they pair well and flow seamlessly. A long maxi dress or a fitted top with slim jeans and thigh high boots for women; and a fitted black suit with a dark shirt or jeans with boots and a tucked in blue shirt for men. Women can add another look to their repertoire in this department: the column look. Anything with folds, plaits or prints that are vertical and make you think of a column have a very elongating and slimming effect.

Vertical Stripes

If you are short and want to look taller, vertical stripes are your best friend. They draw the eye up and down in a smooth, unbroken line which creates the illusion that you are tall and slim. By this same logic, avoid horizontal stripes. They draw the eye side to side which makes you look shorter and wider. Both men and women will look taller in vertical stripes. Additionally, look for vertical stripes that are a micro print because smaller prints also work to make you look taller versus larger and bolder prints that draw the eye in a zigzag pattern. If stripes aren’t your thing, then just remember to avoid horizontal patterns and scroll down to the next item.

All About The Boots

When thinking of clothing items, footwear isn’t something we are likely to consider, but it plays a surprisingly important role in our goal to achieve more height. Both men and women look better in boots when height is the goal. For women, choose something that is super taller or super short works better than boots that hit the calf and appear as though your leg had been cut in half. While the over-the-knee boot look is more 2017, shorter ankle boots are fashionably in favor this season. Additionally, women can also opt for pointed-toed shoes with a heel for more height. For men, boots create fewer visual breaks. The eye travels from pants to boots rather than pants, socks and then shoes. Typically, boots also add an inch or two to height overall. If boots aren’t your thing, opt for black socks and dark footwear that cuts off just below the ankle.

Tailor The Clothes

While the idea of having your own personal tailor might be outdated (and not exactly affordable), the fact of the matter is that tailored clothes fit you like a glove which makes you look better overall. More specifically, tailored clothes make you look taller and slimmer because you aren’t lost underneath oodles of wasted fabric space. If a gender is out of the question, both genders would do well to find clothes that are already fitted with a slim (but not overly tight) fit, tuck everything in (unless you’re a man and your shirt hits the hips or is made for short men), or bribe that one person you know who sews into tailoring a few items to become your power pieces.


Blending is something that men and women can do. For example, if you are wearing the black slacks with the tapered hem, pair them with black socks (or pantyhose under your pants if you’re a woman) and black shoes. This creates a smooth line from waist to floor. Both genders but men especially would do well to pair dark with dark and light with light in terms of color with the darker shade below and the lighter shade abovedrawing the eye upward. And remember, for both genders, black is slimming and makes you look taller.

The Rise Of The Waistline

High waisted jeans are back in style for women now but if height is your goal, raise the waistlines for both genders. A low rise waist on jeans creates the illusion of a long torso and short legs which doesn’t help with the height look while high waisted pants make it look like your waist is higher up than usual, thus creating longer legs. For men, high waisted jeans can lead to an uncomfortable amount of fabric at the crotch. In which case, you can shoot for medium rise waists and still achieve the same look. Just tuck your shirt in. Additionally, try to get pants that are break-free. All of the extra fabric bunched around your ankles doesn’t go with the slim, clean tall look you are aiming for.

Small Accessories

Chunky necklaces, bold eyewear, large purses, and flamboyant ties might be all well and good, but for this look, you will want to tone down the accessories. For women, this means more delicate and simple jewelry with slider-framed eyewear. A smaller purse also looks better; you don’t want to be dwarfed by your own handbag, do you? For men, this means a narrower tie such as 2.75 or 2.5” at the widest part. You will also need a slim belt without any big bolder buckles because a belt will cut you in half and reveal your true height. Better yet, go beltless whenever possible for this look. If you are a guy who likes his accessories, wear them higher up on your body and keep them slim and low-key. A single strand of beads around one wrist or a watch with the correct band size for your wrist and smaller tie knots will do wonders for gaining height. Hats and scarves can also favorably increase your illusion of height by drawing the eye higher. Opt for something that highlights your eye color as well.

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