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Best Flirting Tips For Girls

Sometimes men just can't get a glue, and women need to pull out the flirty equivalent of the big guns. Here are some of the best flirting tips you can use to get his attention.

Solitary Dancing

Yes, there’s something about a woman slightly swaying to music that gets a man’s attention. Next time you’re in proximity to a guy you like, try doing it. Whether you’re standing up, or sitting down, it doesn’t matter. Just sway to a song playing in the store, or coffee shop, or wherever you happen to be.

A good example of this is the coffee shop, if you have headphones in. Just sway from side to side slightly, like you’re getting into the song. Not only is it super cute, it also gives off a very siren vibe!

The Room-Encompassing Glance

Without looking at anyone in the room, look around for anywhere between 5-10 seconds. This tells him two main things: 1) you’re not invested in anyone right now, which means he has a chance, and 2) you’re open to discovering new things and people.

Sounds far-fetched? Try it out and see what happens. It’s easy to do, and if the guy you like is nearby, you might as well try it, right? What’s there to lose?

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The Power of Eye Contact

Eye contact says a lot about a person. It shows you how confident they are, how invested you are in something or someone, and even how dramatic you can be!

Next time you’re trying to flirt, use one of two signature eye contact tactics: either do a short darting glance, where you give a man 2-3 seconds of your time, or fixatate for more than 3 seconds. Just don’t make it weird!

The short one shows you’re mildly interested, and that you wouldn’t mind it if he came over to talk to you. But the second one shows that if he doesn’t come up to you, you just might take the reins and sit at his table. You make no apologies!

The Classic Head Toss

This is when a woman raises her head backward a little and slightly raises her face up briefly. Think of it like stretching. Say you’re at a bar, and after you take a swig of your drink, you lean your back on the edge of the bar and tilt your head back very slightly, and lift your face.

It may sound strange, but this actually does a few things. For one, it brings attention to your face, which if you’re blessed with a pretty face, and the lighting is just right, it can be pretty mesmerizing to the guy you’re trying to catch.

Then there’s the fact that when you do this, you are likely to stretch a little, so you call attention to your whole body, which is also quite powerful.

And finally, there’s the fact that it gives off an air of confidence, without being full of yourself. After all, you’re just stretching, right?

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The Classic Hair Flip

Ah, yes the hair flip. This golden flirt tactic never leaves us because it’s just so useful, isn’t it? And men have come to realize it too, so it’s really an open invitation at this point.

This is when a woman raises a hand up and pushes it through her hair. Nice and simple. She can be working, reading, writing, walking, sitting, talking to a friend, texting, you name it. There’s no wrong time for a hair flip.

The Lean

There’s something about human closeness, especially of the physical variety, that sends clear messaging. It can be sexual in nature, or it can express an interest in the conversation and the person. It’s no wonder both men and women use this tactic.

Think of this tactic as leaning in when someone is talking. Not exaggerated, unless you’re intending it to be sexual in nature, but certainly enough so that there’s a clear interest there.

Next time you’re sitting down next to the guy you like, try leaning toward him just a little. Just enough so that when he looks over at you while talking, he realizes you’re fairly close, and interested.

The Neck Move

Again, it sounds strange, but when you consider that the neck is an erogenous zone, it starts to make more sense. Next time you want to flirt with a man, go ahead and tilt your head to one side about 45 degrees. This exposes the side of your neck, as long as your hair is moved out of the way.

What works better is reaching up to pull your hair to one side and using that same opportunity to display your neck.

And what this does is call attention to your neck, your face, and your hair. It is just a pretty pose, really. Suddenly, if the guy finds you attractive and appealing enough, he may imagine what it would be like to plant a little kiss on your neck or cheek!


This is one of the first flirting tactics that women learn. You were likely using it as far back as middle school, when you first realized that men love being able to make women laugh.

But just in case you need a refresher course, giggling and laughing at any jokes that a guy says is a great way to both validate him and show your interest.

Just make sure not to overdo it. Wait until he reaches the end of the joke, and make sure you don’t laugh too hard for the dumbest of jokes. It has to make sense. If the joke was just okay at best, giggle. But if it’s legitimately pretty great, go ahead and laugh naturally. Never laugh so loudly that the whole venue can hear, because that just comes off as fake and desperate.

Oh, and whatever you do, make sure that you can crack a good joke in return. If you’re not quick on your feet, or you’re just not very funny, that’s fine. But having something to say after his joke so that he’s not left hanging is crucial. Otherwise the conversation falls flat on its face. The best thing to do is to relax and respond how you would normally with anyone else. Be natural about it.

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