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Am I In Love?

Those strong emotions you feel for someone... What are they? You need to know! The question you should be asking yourself is: Am I in love? Do you feel like you have found your perfect match? Falling in love is an exhilarating process, but infatuation can mimic the intensely strong feelings of love and, therefore, you might mistake it for the real deal. How can you determine if what you are experiencing is love or something else? You have to examine the symptoms. If you do, you will have a reliable answer to the question: Am I in love?

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You are in love if your feelings are based on what you know.

Do you fantasize about the object of your affections? If so, you have created a version of your significant other that doesn’t exist in reality. How can you know how he or she really talks, acts, or feels? The only way you can have true feelings is to spend time getting to know the person you like. Over time, you will see the true character of your crush. If you like what you learn, then your feelings are based on what you know.

You are in love if you place your partner’s needs above your own.

Love is not selfish. If you worry most about protecting yourself from emotional pain, you are not really in love. Love is stronger than fear so it compels you to open your heart even if there’s a possibility of being hurt. You will also try to say things tactfully and make sure you fill your partner’s emotional, physical, and material needs. Only if you put yourself in second place can you say that you are truly in love.

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You are in love if you can’t see your future without your beloved.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. That cliche is true: You can form a romantic union with someone other than your crush. But if you think your mate is replaceable, your feelings of love are not genuine. When you appreciate everything about your partner, including the bad aspects, you can fall in love with the person he or she is. Otherwise, you are only in love with the idea of being in a relationship.

You are in love if you want to be a better person.

To grow strong as a couple, both partners must change certain habits that they had as single people. If you are unwilling to adapt your routine or you don’t respect the viewpoint of your mate when it differs from yours, you cannot say that you are feeling love. Love inspires and demands growth. Love will make you better if you let it, but you must improve yourself for the sake of the other person’s happiness.

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You are in love if you just know.

You know your partner’s good and bad points. You make sure you fulfill his or her needs before your own. You can’t imagine life without this specific individual. You are willing to make changes to ensure his or her happiness. If all these signs are in place, you will realize suddenly that you are in love. You won’t have any doubt that you have given your heart to your partner. Then, you will just know!

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