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8 Essential Style Tips for Short People

Contrary to popular belief, being short is a great thing! As a woman, you get to be that petite female that can wear the tallest of heels and always be shorter than her male partner. Plus, you get to ask other people to reach things for you. Short men don’t really have advantages, but do fare well with women who are extra, extra short, as dating particularly tall men would have some major disadvantages. Whatever the case, what everyone can agree on is that shopping as a short person can be pretty difficult. Shopping in the regular clothing section can often lead to ill-fitting clothes, with garments that are much too long. Tired of being swallowed by your clothes? Here are 8 essential style tips just for you.

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#1 Layer Up

Love the shirt, but can’t find a smaller size? Tuck it in, to hide the fact that it’s too long for you, and pair it with a blazer (women) or suit jacket (men). This will create the illusion that the shirt fits just right.

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#2 Make Friends With A Tailor

Seriously, if you’re short or tall, tailors are amazing connections to have. Those with excess height, and those without any to spare can all benefit. A good tailor can take in a good coat that fits just a little too loose, or long.

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#3 Cuff Your Shorts & Pants

Cuffing your shirts ensures your arms don’t look extra short, swimming in fabric. And cuffing your pants makes them fit better. Otherwise, that excess fabric on the bottom will make your legs look stubby.

#4 Purchase Petite-Friendly Hangers

If you have excess stretched fabric on your shoulders, it’s probably because your small clothing is stretching over a standard hanger. The good news is there are junior hangers, found in the teen/children’s section. These smaller, and often bendable versions can be nicer on your clothes, and closet.

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#5 Match Your Legs to Your Feet

Grey pants? Try a grey or black shoe. Black pants? Try black shoes. Skirt with no tights? Opt for a nude heel. The idea is to match your bottoms to your shoes to create the illusion of a longer leg.

#6 Find Your Brands

Suffice it to say that not every store caters to short people. However, plenty of them do! Don’t be afraid to do your research before going shopping, as it will save you a lot of time, and might even give you some extra store ideas to check out.

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#7 Never Ever Wear Sandals With Straps

Just don’t. You already know that extra strap at the top of the sandal, hitting your ankle, makes you look even shorter.

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#8 Hide Your Broad Shoulders

If you’re curvy, or bigger, but short, chances are you have broad shoulders. The good thing is you don’t need to avoid boxy shirts like the plague. Just throw a blazer or jacket on top, and it will create softer lines.

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